Toby is a character on Di'angelo. He is a dog ghost that appears in one episode. It is unknown as of now if he'll appear again.

Are... are you sure? Are you sure I won't get hurt doing this?




Dog Ghost



Hair Color

Ghost: White; Dog: Brown

Eye Color

Light Blue








Toby is a dog ghost, a type of ghost that is born as a ghost, desperately wants to be a real dog (well, flesh and blood dog). He's afraid of being in a vacuum (as most ghosts are), because he can't escape (and because he had a bad past experience of being stuck in one for a century). He has clastrophobia (like Di'angelo) from that. He's often asking Di'angelo if he'll be safe somewhere, because of him being extremely paranoid. Despite having the ability to fly (and to Di'angelo's chagrin), he hates doing so, but has to because of him going straight into the ground when he walks on it (intangibilty isn't really his friend). He seems/claims to not be able to control his intangiblity like other ghosts can (because it's too hard). Whenever someone he never met comes near him, he hides within a wall or underground, sometimes before the actual person (animal) actually gets to see him, so it appears as Di'angelo is talking to himself/has an imaginary friend (to which some people (animals) didn't want to help him because they thought he was going crazy). He seems to be especially frightened of Domino, because of Domino constantly pushing himself on him trying to learn more about him. His personality is very similar to that of Rico's and a joke in the episode is that they both get scared of each other. He has the ability to possess animals/people, but refuses to as it turns him evil (possibly from becoming power hungry). Toby has a normally calm and sane personality, but can get ticked off when a lot of things go wrong for him or he gets impatient with something. He seems to be a bit of a pushover, usually doing what someone says (this is for unknown reasons, but it's possible that he's bullied a lot).


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Toby (as a ghost) is all white. He resembles a Labrador Retriever, but it's unknown what he is. He has a light blue outline, which is the same color as his nose and eyes. His ears are floppy and he has an unusually thick tail. As a real dog, he's brown with darker brown spots on random parts of his body. His eye color remains the same.


  • A story about a ghost dog was supposed to be one of the segments in Candy Day. However, it was omitted. Now, it is retooled and enlongated into this episode. However, the ghost dog didn't have a name at the time.
  • Toby's behavior is similar to Rico's, but it's possible that Toby's more paranoid than Rico is.  
  • Toby has a blue outline, to express that he's glowing. This is also a rare sight in Di'angelo, as almost all characters have black outlines.
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