The Lone Randy is an upcoming episode of Di'angelo. This is the second half-episode to be made. It is paired with Sparki The Cat. As the title suggests, this is an episode about Randy.

The Lone Randy
Season 1, Episode 28
Air date TBA
Written by TBA
Directed by Rigbybestie
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Sparki The Cat
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Because Sparki is sick (I thought stuffed animals were incapable of being sick) and Clover stays with him to make him feel better, Randy's left by himself. So, throughout the episode, he tries bonding with all of the other characters and misses Sparki even more. Finally, he has fun with Sparki's cousin, Skye, just when Sparki gets better. 




  • This is the only episode that's going to surround Randy.
  • This is the first and possibly last episode that's going to show Skye.
  • This episode was originally going to be a half-hour long as usual, but because of it's small plot, it was shortened and paired with another half-episode, Sparki The Cat.


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