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The Fastest Dog in Utopia is the fourteenth episode of Di'angelo.

The Fastest Dog in Utopia
Di'angelo - Di'angelo and Spitflames about to Race
Di'angelo and Spitflames about to race.

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Di'angelo and Griffin play tag (with Griffin flying overhead, which gives her an advantage). Di'angelo notices that she keeps tagging him because she's fast in the air, so he challenges her to a tag race on land (without wings, of course). However, Griffin has a harder time catching him because she's slower on land, giving Di'angelo the advantage. After Di'angelo easily beats her (and brags about being the fastest dog in Dog Town), he reminds her it's just a game and not to worry about it too much. Griffin assures him that she understands. Then, all of the dog run to the town center. Di'angelo and Griffin exchange looks and go see what all of the commotion's about. Then, it turns out the Fastest Dog Champion of Dog Central (Dog Town's rival city) Spitflames, is visiting. While the crowd stares in awe, Di'angelo sneaks up to the front to learn more about this dog. Spitflames recognizes him and teases him of the way he looks and brags about how he could easily beat him. He then challenges him to a race, to which Di'angelo confidently, (but nervously) agrees, to. Griffin scoffs at him, to how easily Di'angelo beat her earlier. Di'angelo reminds her that he's a Whippet and they're fast dogs (and that Huskies are also fast, but not as fast as Whippets). Griffin has full confidence in him, where Di'angelo doesn't. Di'angelo then, tries to skip town, but runs into Riggles and she asks where he's going. He tells her he's just going a trip until Spitflames goes back home. Riggles immediately realizes that he's afraid of him and Di'angelo denies it and tries to run off again. Riggles then yells to him he can't run away from his problems. Di'angelo replies back and keeps running. He runs into Spitflames, who insults him, then runs off. (To be expanded)



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