The Beginning Part 1 is one of the two parts of the Di'angelo/Season Two/ Season Two premiere of Di'angelo. The main antagonist for this episode, Erasi, makes her debut.

The Beginning Part 1
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That's a strange looking goat...

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Goats are grazing in a field, when we chance upon a strange looking goat. One of the goats go over to investigate the stranger, but Erasi (who changes back into herself) tries to eat him. He runs off to warn Matilda, who doesn't believe him. She sends him back to the field with Erasi. The chimera finally realizing that there's other people (animals) watching over the goats, she decides to trick them to get what she wants. Erasi changes herself into a wealthy dog, so she'll buy a goat from them (as she apparently has money). Sandie is immediately suspicious of this newcomer, as she never has seen her in Dog Town or Dog Central before, and Erasi lies to her and tells her she's from a rich area that no one knows of to "keep the riffraff out". Sandie is still wary of her, but needs the money for the farm, when Matilda interrupts stating that they're her family and it's not fair to sell them like they're items at a store. Erasi gets annoyed with Matilda interrupting constantly, preventing her to eat the goats she craves so much, that she walks away, making Sandie feel guilty and wrong that she didn't strike a deal with her, that Sandie agrees and sells her the same goat that warned Matilda before. Matilda is so hurt from Sandie doing this, she runs away. Sandie gets mad at Matilda for being too attached to her family and not letting them go so she can updo the farm (because of the fact they're "fighting", Erasi gets glad at the negativity going down and smiles). After Sandie walks away, Erasi eats the goat. However, this isn't enough for her, so she goes to another part of Utopia, most specifically, Cat City. The cats there are much more friendly and oblivious to why she really needs the goat (as she tells them she needs it for milk).



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