TAGG aka Automaton 34 T.A.G.G. (also spelled as Tagg) is a character on Di'angelo. He is a robot that Milo built. As his technical name suggests, he is the 34th in a set of robots Milo built (but, the only one that survives).


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TAGG seems to be very serious and annoyed with every moment he's alive. Mostly because of the things he's endured, he doesn't seem to have much joy in life. He's even more annoyed with Di'angelo, who either makes stereotypical remarks towards him or asks him to do humiliating/impossible/ridiculous tasks, which usually get him hurt somehow. He is also annoyed with him because Di'angelo's so happy with his life and he can't feel that way with everyone running away from him, believing that he would harm them. After a while, he becomes more and more welcome with Di'angelo, as he sees he really cares about him.







  • Despite Milo supposedly being a genius, TAGG is the only robot he built that survives. This makes absolutely no sense, though. He has built other things and they worked just fine or better than ever, yet he can't build robots correctly. This probably explains why he keeps tinkering with TAGG as he does, to make sure this never happens again.
  • He is colored like an Apple iMac.
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