Syria is one of the characters that appears in Di'angelo. She is the main antagonist of the episode, S2:E??

Little Love
Syria, working her magic on all of the dogs.




Siren (who can change into the form of a Saluki)


Syria is a mysterious Saluki who appears at a night club in Dog Town. She soons becomes a problem as all of the male dogs wouldn't come home to their wives/girlfriends, so The Boys try to figure out what's wrong and end up in her trap as well. She takes a particular fancy to Di'angelo, in which Malti finds a problem with (when she notices Di's leaving his house really late at night) and goes to investigate. She then finds out, that Syria is a shape-shifting Siren, who plans on eating Di'angelo. (More of this plot will be edited later)


Syria is much taller and longer than most of the normal dogs, which already set her apart, however, in her normal form, she looks similar to a Kraken.



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