Sparki The Cat is an upcoming episode for Di'angelo. It is the first half-episode of the series, being paired with The Lone Randy. The episode as the title suggests is featuring Sparki.

Sparki The Cat
Season 1, Episode 27
Air date TBA
Written by TBA
Directed by Rigbybestie
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The Lone Randy


Because of Sparki watching monster movies (made by fellow dogs) all night (with The Boys) and being particularly traumatized by a movie about were-cats (most likely because he doesn't want to be a cat because he hates them). All of the boys look at him like he's crazy. However, (of course), Sparki denounces any fear he may have. On one of Sparki and Randy's cat chases, Sparki gets scratched by the cat after he corners it (and sadly for Sparki, Di'angelo saw it happen). So, Di'angelo hatches a plan with Randy to prank Sparki into thinking he's a cat. In the middle of the night, they dress up Sparki (thank goodness he's a heavy sleeper) to look like a cat. In the morning, Sparki looks in the mirror and is in shock, then goes to find help, and realizes that probably the other dogs might chase him. So, he waits in his house, in hopes that Randy'll come by and help him. However, Di'angelo and Randy arrive and Randy tells him that unfortunately he'll have to chase him because he's a cat now. Sparki, heartbroken that his own best friend would do that to him, runs away. The two feel remorse for what they've done and go after him. Sparki is then found stuck up a tree, surrounded by angry dogs. He comments on how now he realizes how cats feel when he does this to them. (Still under development).




  • This was originally going to be a half-hour episode like they're usually made, but was shortened and paired with The Lone Randy.
  • This is one of the few episodes that Randy does something antagonistic towards Sparki.


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