Shiroh is a character from the anime/animated series Di'angelo and Aza season two, who is voiced by Random Princess and was also created my her.

Back StoryEdit

Besides Aza, Shiroh probubly has the saddest back story. She was born as a liveing test subject, an artifishal life form. She has so parents, as she was created by acsudent in a lab in Mars. From birth, Shiroh was put through very harsh expieriments. One of wich was a brain surgury wich made her have the ability to speek to others through their minds, but, it resulted in the lower half of her head being cut off. The place that was cut was later with an artafishal lower half of a head but with no mouth. Since she has no mouth, she can't speek out loud, only through peoples minds. Another expieriment that she was put through was varius weapons implanted in her body. Huge blades put into the sides of her arms and legs, and four wipps with spikes at the ends of them, wich were implanted in her back. Shiroh can make these weapons come in and out of her body at will. At age 15 she managed to escape from the lab with help of her weapons. Now she wonders the streets of Mars and kills anyone she comes in contact with.


Shiroh is 16 years old with red eyes, orangish skin, and short white hair. She is 4 ft. and 7 inches tall although with her wipps, she can raise her self up 100 ft. Before she met Aza, Rina, Tamakii, and Inkaira she wore a blood stained, ripped, lab gown with her subject number 04.896ZJ on the front of it. Now she wears (normally) one of Aza's or Rina's old dresses and bow in her hair. She has no mouth, (as stated above) slits in her skin from where her weapons were implanted, and lots of scares from other varius experiments.


Shiroh usually comes off as a cold hearted person, but on the inside she's actually very nice. She's not at all good with people ever since she escaped from the lab, she's killed everyone thats come close to her. All she know's is violence, thats it. She often thinks the way others act are 'foolish' or 'strange'. She also (like Tamakii and Aza) has no knoledge about earth things such as t.v. or cell phones. She mostly stays calm unless threatend. When she is threatend, she uses her weapons to kill them.


Tamakii- Big brother like friend

Inkaira- Big sister like friend

Aza- mother like friend

Rina- friend

Di'angelo- annoyance, aquantance

Inzen- Aquantance


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