Scottie Dog or just Scottie is a character in the Di'angelo series. He is Milo's arrogant, rude, and proud  cousin. 

Scottie Avatar
I don't need your help! I don't need ANYONE'S help! I'm tough like a Scottie SHOULD be!




Scottish Terrier Stuffed Animal


Milo (cousin)

Hair Color

Greenish Blackish Grayish (Scottie)

Eye Color

Dark Mint




Playing Hop-Scottie


8 (Human/Earth Years)/ 18 (Stuffed Animal Years)



Country of Origin



Scottie is Milo's supercilious cousin, that recently moves to Utopia Despite Milo always trying to befriend him, he constantly shoots down anything he does, believing Milo to be insulting and/or belittling him. He constantly has to defend himself when he wears his kilt because everyone believes it's a skirt and is usually subject to the others being disgusted when he bends over (because he wear no underwear and his bottom is shown), because apparently, it's inappropriate to them (even though most of them are naked all of the time). Scottie also seems to have a problem with anyone helping him out or telling him he may be wrong with something (Cousinhood of the Traveling Kilt). In the same episode, he doesn't want Milo to help him (after a thorn gets stuck in his paw) or tell him he's wrong and has them lost. They bond, but unfortunately, the next episode, he seems to be enemies with him again.   


Scottie has "greenish blackish grayish" fur, dark mint eyes, scruffy fur (and some that is on the bottom of his face), a big tuft of fur on his head, and a small/medium sized tail. He wears a plaid hat and kilt (that everyone mistakes for a skirt). 



  • Scottie's based on a International Kennel Pal]] Rigbybestie wanted to buy off of eBay. However, she wasn't successful in getting him.
  • Scottie has a unique design with his paws: when his paws are hand-like, they have pads on them like normal, however, when they are paw-like, they have plaid on the bottom.
  • He is one of the few foreign characters on the show, including Milo, having an accent and wearing and doing the things natural to his section of Utopia (Scottish Utopia).   
  • Scottie appears only in Season 1 once and Season 2 once, and Season 3 three times. He doesn't appear in the movie (confirmed) or Series Finale (known of as of now). He may appear in the Live Action/CGI movie or Traditionally Animated films, though.
  • Scottie is one of Rigbybestie's favorite characters (and favorite plushies irl).
  • He is one of the few characters that has excessive fur on them. 
  • Some of Scottie's personality comes from the Scotsman from Samurai Jack. 
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