This is a list of the references/parodies to popular culture and other tv shows in Di'angelo.

Regular ShowEdit

  • The characters will often say Yeah-yuh and other phrases/catchphrases from Regular Show.
  • A lot of the characters have personalities similar to various Regular Show characters (i.e. Di'angelo's like Rigby, Domino's like Mordecai, and Sparki like Muscle Man)
  • There's two brown and blue dogs and their names are Rigby and Mordecai respectively, but their names are kept secret for obvious reasons (copyright reasons) Dogs and Ponies, The Formal Dance and another upcoming episode. Their names are not mentioned in the show, only on the transcripts (same reason as above).

Adventure TimeEdit

  • Sandie remarks how she wants to be an adventurer like "that boy and dog" (refering to Finn and Jake).
  • In Cupid's Arrow, a dog that resembles Jake, reads a newspaper in the Library. (This is also a reference to Paper Pete.)

The Hunger GamesEdit

  • Di'angelo says through the episode Birds of a Feather, "Peeta Bread" (a joke that Rigbybestie would often make about Peeta's name.), by first having "Peeta" (Pita) brand bread, then saying how he wants to feed the birds the "Peeta Bread". "Oh, no, now I can't feed the bird this PEETA bread!"
  • The scene in Cupid's Arrow, where Riggles aims at Di'angelo is a parody/reference to Katniss in the book/movie.
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