The different colors of the orignal [or garden] variety.

Pluffetts are a type of flower that is in the Di’angelo universe. However, this flower has been seen in other shows.

Use in ShowEdit

They are used to be given to another Stuffie (or stuffed animal in that case) [as this is the Stuffies’ favorite flower] to show affection. Pluffetts are unique in color, size, feathers [the plumes or the outside of the flower] and variety. The rarest is the Teal Pluffett. The Teal is one of the hardest to find and most expensive, if you plan to buy some. Pluffetts are very easy to grow and last all year.

Famous PluffettsEdit

Sicily [Di’angelo’s mother] wear a very rare type of Pluffett, the White Lotus. It resembles a real lotus. They are extremely hard to find.

The Pluffetts Domino gave Cheryl for Valentine’s day. Domino knew Cheryl loved flowers and what flowers would be best for Cheryl? The flowers Stuffies love: Pluffetts.

On Di’angelo tuxedo once, he wore a red rose Pluffett. Those are also rare.

Maria [Di’angelo’s cousin], wears an orange garden Pluffett.

Pluffetts are seen on any Hawaiian shirts Di’angelo and Domino wear.

They are also on the swim trunks they wear.

Melanie once wore an outfit that looked like a giant Pluffett.

Jessica was seen in a picture holding a Pluffett.

The only place in the world that has the most Pluffetts in the BadLands. The place has all the varieties of Pluffetts in the world. It has the most teal Pluffetts in the world. It also has the rarest varieties of Pluffetts in the world like White Lotus and Red Rose.


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