Not to be confused with Pippy, Di'angelo former pet turtle, who Di'angelo named after this pet in his memory.

Pippy 2 also known more commonly as Pippy is a character in the Di'angelo series. He is Di'angelo's pet Dragon Turtle.

Pippy 2
Pippy 2 - Turtle and Dragon Turtle forms
Pippy's Baby and Dragon Forms




Dragon Turtle




A Dog and His Dragon Turtle


Pippy is the second turtle Di'angelo has owned and this one is more durable than the last. Pippy was first found when Di'angelo was going in the Dark Forest to look for some rare berries. As with all of his appearances in the many Di'angelo series, Pippy keeps switching between his baby and dragon forms, which made Di'angelo think there was two different turtles. Di'angelo held on to the "harmless baby turtle" to keep him safe from the "monster", not realizing the "monster" was Pippy 2 himself. Finally, at a point, Pippy changes in front of Di'angelo, to protect him from some enemies. Di'angelo, ever grateful for him saving his life, takes him home with him, to be his best friend. 

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