Out of Character is an upcoming episode of Di'angelo. This episode is about Di'angelo and Domino's friendship/brother-ship put to the test and learn some things they never knew about each other.

Out of Character
Season TBA, Episode TBA
Air date TBA
Written by Rigbybestie & Rack
Directed by Rigbybestie
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Di'angelo continuously keeps bragging about how much faster and agiler he is than Domino (especially during one moment when he outruns him having to go somewhere he doesn't want to go). Domino gets sick of it and goes to Xalia and asks her for help. Di'angelo hears his doorbell ring and sees a hoagie sitting there and immediately finds suspicion with it. After inspecting if for a bit, he finally eats it (and passes out afterwords). When he wakes up, he feels different and realizes that he has switched bodies with Domino, who eventually walks over to him, smiling evilly. Domino repeats Di'angelo's actions by bragging, but more insultingly. Di'angelo, antagonized by this, tries to show him he can still do what he does normally, but realizes that Domino's body is not all that athletic as he thought. Domino then walks off, remarking on how much more powerful he is now. A little while later, Di'angelo runs into Domino and notices he bit off Clementine. Domino also laughs at the fact he's wearing a sock as a replacement for her. Di'angelo yells at Domino saying he ruined Clementine, with Domino replying that the rest of her is right here (and holds her up), making Di'angelo go and attack him, to which Domino blocks because Di'angelo's so short at the moment (and apparently Di'angelo did the same to him a little while ago). (This plot is still being developed; it will be expanded once the transcript for the episode is made.)  


To be expanded once the transcript is created.



  • The title is a reference to the phrase "out of character", meaning a character is not acting the way they usually act. In this case, it is literal.
  • Like most cartoons that do body switches, the two retain their voices, with Di'angelo commenting on how he's at least glad he has his "sexy" voice.
  • Di'angelo names his new tail (er, sock actually), "Clementine II".
  • More to be added once the transcript is created.


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