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Ongaku is an episode of Di'angelo and Aza. It is the first episode of the series to be based off of a song/music video, the song is called "Paradise of Light and Shadow".


The episode starts by showing the last "utahime" (Yninu) laying dead at a huge black dragon's feet / clause's in a giant cave underneath a cliff. The screen then shows Siakriss (evil sorceress/dragon's guardian) looking over the cliff at Yninu. The scene then changes to Aza and Di'angelo playing in the woods outside Aza's castle, when two knights step out of a green portal and say that Aza has been chosen to be the next utahime and force her to come with them, leaving Di'angelo behind. The scene then changes again to Siakriss explaining to Aza that she must sing to the dragon to make it sleep so that it shall bless the planet that they're on (Ongaku) until she dies and every time she stops singing the dragon will injure her badly. Before Aza has time to say anything Siakriss removes Aza's powers with her magical staff (so she won't use them to escape the planet) and the knights throw Aza off the cliff and into the cave with the dragon. The scene then goes back to Di'angelo freaking out over what just happened when Rina (who saw the whole thing from up in a tree) gets down from the tree she was in and literally slaps some sense into him. Then she explains to him what a utahime is and that Aza is doomed to sing to the evil sorceress's (Siakriss) dragon for the rest of her life unless he goes and rescues her. So she transports Di'angelo to Ongaku and he starts on his journey to the princess's (Opus) palace to find out where the knight took Aza. On his way there he meets a blacksmith named Hynunan who asks him where he is going. At first Di'angelo refuses to tell him but eventually he does and Hynunan decides to come with him on his journey. He also mentions that his friend, Kaynin, who was betrayed by Opus and thrown in jail and then he says to Di'angelo that if he helps him break Kaynin out of jail, he will give him a sword for free. Di'angelo agrees with him and Hynunan gives him the sword and the two make there way to the palace.

(to be continued later)


  • This episode second episode to have a Japanese word as it's name (In this case, "Ongaku", the word meaning music).
  • Utahime is also a Japanese word meaning "diva", which was the original name for the dragon saranaidors in the song/music video.
  • It is unknown if the new characters introduced in this episode will show up later on in the series.
  • The outfit that Aza wore throughout most of the episode is the outfit that Rin Kagamine (one of the original singers of the song) was wearing in the music video.
  • The song "Paradise of Light and Shadow" is a Japanese vocaloid song which was originally sung by Len Kagamine and Rin Kagamine.
  • Even though the episode is based off of a song/music video, the story from it was changed drastically by Random Princess. This episode was also created by Random Princess.


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