No Thanks, I'm Stuffed is an upcoming episode of Di'angelo.

No Thanks, I'm Stuffed
Season 3, Episode 5
But, We GOTTA Save Them! - No Thanks, I'm Stuffed
Air date TBA
Written by TBA
Directed by Rigbybestie
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All of Di'alengo's friends (except himself for some reason) are made into miniature, non-alive versions of themselves and Di'angelo panics. At first, he goes to Sonja and looks for help from Xalia, but she can't help them, as she has never seen anything like this before. After a day of trying various things to no avail, Sonja gives up, because it's soon night time and she has to go home. After a while, Di'angelo goes insane not being able to interact with his friends, and tries to live out their lives for them with them. Sonja comes back (most likely the next day) and sees the mess he's in, and tries to help. However, he's so deep in, he doesn't even pay her much mind. (More of the plot will be up as soon as it's fully developed.)





  • More to be added.


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