Name-A-Character Contests are a series of fan-based contests created by Rigbybestie. These were made so the fan could voice in their opinions on the show. These contests are also make to be compatible with Rigbybestie's chatroom friends.  

Name-A-Character Contests


April 2, 2013



Length of Contests


Who Participates

Fans, Wikia Users, Random


The contest entitles Rigbybestie creating a new character and having no name for it, offering the chance for fans to name it (as a peace offering to not having their characters in the show). The names will be sorted and 5-10 names will be picked from there. On the Fan Wiki, a poll page will be made, where the fans or users that contribute there can vote. At the end of the selected week, a winner will be picked and the name will be applied to the character. The person who created the name will be mention in the show (in the title credits) and the end credits (though no one reads those).   


The rules of the contests are that the names are not to be offensive or possibly be MADE offensive later like in this case

Characters of the ContestEdit

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