There are many differents towns, cities, and empires in Utopia.

Dog Populated AreasEdit

Dog Town - Dog Town is a all-dog populated place. The area also hosts other species, such as cats, badgers, some equines, and other animals. It's considered to be the country, because of the lush amounts of plants and wildlife going around and the fertile soil that's usedfor growing fruits and vegetables. It's also regearded as this because of the all the townspeople knowing one another on a personal level. It's the area that has most of the attention of the show and where the titular character lives. 

Dog City - Dog City could be considered the "New York" of Utopia, since it's a bustling town, filled with skyscrapers and businesses everywhere. However, it's not polluted like certain other places. Dog City is where most of the characters' parents used to/are living currently.

Dog Empire - Dog Empire is called the "ritzy" part of town, due to all of the residents being of high airs. It's the only all-dog populated city that has taxes for certain things (such as owning homes, cars, etc.), similar to Earth, making that the most expensive place to live. Malti and her family lived here, but apparently moved (back) to Utopia England later on.  

Cat Populated AreasEdit

Cat City - Unlike the dogs, this seems to be the only known place that the cats live. It's a mixture of the country and the city, having the best of both worlds. The buildings are cat-orientated, with a lot of them looking like cat hotels, cat perchs, and all other cat-related things. 

Equine Populated AreasEdit

Mythical Creature Populated AreasEdit

Monster Populated AreasEdit

Hybrid Animals Populated AreasEdit

Other Animals Populated AreasEdit

The Aviatory - This area is visted very few times in the series, the Aviatory is the city populated only by birds. Dogs and Cats who own pet birds of some sort,

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