This is a list of episodes of Di'angelo and Aza, a show created by Rigbybestie1510 and Random Princess.

Season 1Edit

Some episode numbers are currently unknown and will be added when they are announced.

Season # Show # Title
1 1 Pilot
Di'angelo and Domino meet Aza for the first time.
Unknown Unknown An Ace Against Time
Di'angelo has to help his great-grandfather Ace defeat somebody.
Unknown Unknown A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words
When Aza shows a picture to Random and Rigby, Di'angelo tries to find out what it is.
Unknown Unknown Ozzie
This episode is considered being deleted. It is not under construction or deletion for now.
Unknown Unknown Sicily
Sicily and Rina get into a fight and it starts more trouble later.
Unknown Unknown French Is Another Language
For some reason, Di'angelo can't stop speaking French, much to the dismay of Aza.
Unknown Unknown Di'angelo's Girls
Di'angelo is between a fight between Tiffani and Aza.
Unknown Unknown The Husky and The Griffin
Unknown Unknown Beach Disaster
Unknown Unknown Ikidomari
Aza gets sucked into a video game.
Unknown Unknown Ongaku


Season # Show # Title
Unknown Unknown Di'angelo and Aza: the Movie
Di'angelo and Aza get stuck on a strange planet after a chain of events.
Unknown Unknown Di'angelo and Aza 2: The Hammerspace Element
Di'angelo needs to harness his control over hammerspace to fight an evil entity.
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