A list of episodes of Di'angelo: The Animated Series, a show created by Rigbybestie1510.

Season 1Edit

Some episode numbers are currently unknown and will be added when they are announced.

Season # Show # Title
1 1 First Day on the Job
Di'angelo and Domino can't afford to pay their apartment bill, so they get a job at a nearby gas station.
2 2 How To Fall In Love With Your New Neighbors
When Malti and Cheryl move in, Di'angelo and Domino go on dates with them.
3 3 Job Hunt
Malti and Cheryl have to find jobs before they lose their apartments.
4 4 Jealousy
Di'angelo keeps making dates with Malti, which makes Domino feel ignored.
5 5 The Boxer
Unknown Unknown FluffBall
Unknown Unknown Tiffani's Friend
Unknown Unknown FluffBall and PuffBall
Unknown Unknown The Husky and The Griffin
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