Job Hunt
Di'angelo and friends - DTAS - Job Hunt
Di'angelo and Friends at the Department of Jobs.

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Epi. 3

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Season 1

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Job Hunt is the third episode of Di'angelo: The Animated Series. It debuts Sparki and Randy, and some other characters.


Malti and Cheryl have the same problem as Di'angelo and Domino in the pilot: they need a job, or they'll lose their apartments. Di'angelo in another attempt to flirt with Malti, he volunteers to find jobs for them. The four go all around town looking for jobs including the Department of Jobs, an obvious parody of the Department of Labor. The girls finally land a job at Pretty Gurlz Clothes Store (their favorite clothes store) which had a poster right out in front for one cashier and one sale assoicate. They get the job and Di'angelo is upset because he wanted to find them jobs, was so he could go out on a date with her (and says this aloud before he realizes it). Malti hands him a small piece of paper with a number on it and thems him to call her, so apparently he got what he wanted. This is unknown if that is what she was implying.

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