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Epi. 4

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Season 1

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Jealousy is the fourth episode of Di'angelo: The Animated Series.


Di'angelo and Domino are supposed to go on a trip to the Comic-Con. Well, Malti makes a date with Di'angelo at the last minute and he doesn't want to cancel, so he goes with her, leaving Domino to have to go by himself. The next day, they are supposed to buy a video game they been saving up for, but it's Malti's birthday, so Di'angelo, buys her a gift with the money. The next day after that, Domino wants to go to a new arcade opening up, but Di'angelo made a date for a picnic in the park with Malti. Domino, finally snaps from being ignored all of the time and when Malti calls he tells her that Di'angelo was just faking with her and doesn't truly love her like he says. When, Di'angelo expects Malti to come and she never does... he gets heartbroken and depressed. Domino, (then back to normal) keeps trying to get Malti and Di'angelo back together again, but after what he said (to Malti), the two don't even want to look at each other. He confesses to them, that he lied to separate them so he could spend time with him. Malti just says to that "If you were busy, you could've just told me", and leaves the two boys in shock over the fact they could have just told her they were busy.

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