Iris is a character in the Di'angelo series. She is a unicorn/horse hybrid who is mated with Hudson and usually is seen with Di'angelo and friends. She is known for her lisp when talking.


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Iris has a pure white coat, pink mane and tail, pink hooves and a short, pink horn. Her eyes are a medium blue, similiar to Di'angelo's and Clover's. 



  • Iris is called a pony, quite often in the show, despite not being one (while Hudson is a pony, but is not teased for it). There are other jokes that usually try to connect her to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This is possibly because she's similiarly colored to how a MLP:FiM pony would be. Ironic enough, the inside of her mouth is purple and orange, like the style of MLP:FiM.    
  • Despite Iris having the appearance of a unicorn, she is half unicorn/half horse. Some may argue that she's all unicorn, though. 
  • Iris apparantly has many younger sisters (and one younger brother), being older than all of them. 
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