How To Get To Know Your Di'angelo Better is an upcoming episode of Di'angelo.

How To Get To Know Your Di'angelo Better
Season 2, Episode TBA
You Will LOVE Me!
Air date TBA
Written by Rigbybestie, TBA
Directed by Rigbybestie
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[Di'angelo sitting on Justin's bed while he's asleep]

Justin: *wakes up* Huh?

Di'angelo: *deep voice* Hello Justin. Remember me? I'm that dog you're so scared of.

Justin: You... you're TALKING!

Di'angelo: *normal* Yeah, I've been able to talk since I was a few days old. Which is an accomplishment compared to humans, who learn how to talk when they're two.

Justin: What do you want me from me?

Di'angelo: Well, for one, I'd like you to stop being such a freaking sissy when you see me. You know, Sonje REALLY likes you and is upset that you're so bothered by me, that you won't see her anymore... *grabs Justin's nightshirt* ...and that's cutting into MY time with her.

Justin: I'm sorry, but dogs--

Di'angelo: ...are the best darned animals on Earth! Just because you THINK we're bad doesn't mean we are. Now, you're going to like me whether you want to or not. 

Justin: Y-yes sir.

Di'angelo: Good. Now, I'll be off. *turns back to him, to jump off bed*

Justin: *knocks him off bed with pillow* MOM!

Di'angelo: *looks up off floor* Oh, crap.

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Sonja meets the perfect friend and he's got only ONE problem... he's afraid of dogs. 




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  • This marks the first appearance of Justin.


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