How To Fall In Love With Your New Neighbors
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Epi. 2

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Season 1

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How To Fall In Love With Your New Neighbors is a episode of the animated show Di'angelo: the Animated Series. This is the second episode of the series. It debuts Malti and Cheryl for the first time.


The episode starts with Malti and Cheryl helping each other in their houses [as they probably known each other before moving here]. Domino watches them from his window, while Di'angelo plays video games. Di'angelo asks why he isn't playing with him and Domino replies he's looking at girls and Di'angelo runs over to see. Then, he decides to flirt with the girls by asking them if they want help with their boxes. Malti sees Di'angelo coming over and tells Cheryl to "watch out for him". Di'angelo fails to impress Malti in "machoness" and after she talks to him, he becomes shy, showing that he probably doesn't have skill in talking to girls. Domino, however, had no problem talking to Cheryl and makes a date with her later. Malti makes a date with Di'angelo to which he believes that he had made her "fall for him". They later go on a date at the park and other various places. [The rest of the plot is under construction].

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