Di'angelo demostrating hammerspace.

Hammerspace is an element in the Di'angelo series. The only series it doesn't appear frequently in is the original. The main concept of hammerspace in the cartoons is for Di'angelo to be able to bring either small personal items [such as Melanie], random heavy items [such as bowling balls], and sometimes people or weird cartoony things [such as a juggling whale (one of his favorites)]. He has brought other thing out of hammerspace such as a whole building or rooms, sometimes. Di'angelo's strength varies throughout each episode, but he seems to have the strength to pull anything he wants out of hammerspace. Di'angelo and Aza: the Movie is a good example of this. He used hammerspace multiple times in it (first to knock out Aza again so she'd get her memory back and later to pull out a mallet to smash the box the The Three Kings were going to drain her powers in). Di'angelo is able to bring out literally anything. For him to do this, he has to imagine whatever it it is he pulls out. Usually in an emergency, he'll ask someone what they need, because if he doesn't know what to pull out, he just randomly pick something out (it will probably not be what they need). Di'angelo has shown that he has food (shown on many occasions) back there too (some reason or way, it's still hot or cold).
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