Griffin is a character in the two Di'angelo series, Di'angelo: the Animated Series and Di'angelo and Aza. She is a 17 year old Griffin (as her nickname suggests). Her real name is Nora, but she doesn't like to be called that because of what happened to her a few years ago.

Griffin the Griffin
I eat little dogs like you for breakfast...






Father (deceased), Mother (deceased), Brother

Hair Color


Eye Color





The Husky and The Griffin


None Currently


Di'angelo, Aza (somewhat, but she still doesn't fully trust her)


Hunters, Aza (for a little bit)


Griffin has a very mixed personality. She's stressed out at times, and will be prone to snapping at someone (getting upset and yelling, not actually snapping at them). Other times, she's calm. Her erratic personality is due to her bad childhood, in which she lost her mother and had to grow up and take care of her younger brother (who was an egg for 7 years). She trusts all animals, but doesn't trust people (as they are what killed her mother), so she has a slight dislike for Aza (who has the appearance of that of a person).


Griffin has the appearance of a older Griffin. Instead of her having no ears, eagle feet (instead of lion paws), and a full lion tail, she's designed like Griffins used to be (with a few variations). Griffin has an eagle head with tufts of feathers on the top and back of her head and a yellow beak (though ironically, her mouth is placed farther back away from it, but it is part of her beak), teal eyes, two small pointy brown ears, a brown lion's body and tail (with brown and teal eagle feathers on the end), a peach colored tuft of fur on her chest and a peach colored belly, and teal and brown wings.


  • Griffin might be an reincarnation of Griffin, a cancelled character on a show called Griffin. However, that Griffin wasn't an Griffin at all; he was a Husky like Di'angelo. So, it's possibly just her nickname that's an reincarnation of Griffin.
  • Griffin is one of the only main characters to be from 2012 (meaning she wasn't reincarnated from a older design or series) and the only main character to be mostly quadipedal.
  • She is currently the only mythical creature on Di'angelo as a character and not as an enemy of some sort on any of the Di'angelo series.
  • Griffin is a main character, while her younger brother is a minor. This is ironic because he's in every episode with her, but it's probably because he only does small parts and cameos in the show.


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