Fury Inside Me is an upcoming episode of Di'angelo. Because of the topics of abuse, bullying, extreme violence, and gross moments, this episode will be rated TV-PG FV. It will not be watchable for younger children. Viewer discretion is advised.

Fury Inside Me
Season 1, Episode TBA
Air date TBA
Written by Rigbybestie, TBA
Directed by Rigbybestie
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Kids Channell! DescriptionEdit

Sparki keeps beating Di'angelo and it seems that he's taking it hard! How will Di'angelo handle all of this?


Another ball episode, Di'angelo comes to the ball and tries to go over and flirt with Malti, but Sparki confronts him and starts beating him for no reason (while everyone sits there and watches), and tells him every time he sees him there, he'll attack him again. Di'angelo, afraid to fight him back, keeps trying to avoid him all night, just allowing all feelings of hate and anger to bottle up in him. Sparki does exactly like he says, by punching and/or kicking Di'angelo at any moment whenever he's in contact with him. Di'angelo eventually can't take it anymore and all of his fury comes out in a physical form and attacks Sparki. Di'angelo asks Fury to stop, which he does, but Sparki responds by continuing to beat him senseless. Di'angelo then allows Fury to finish beating him, but realizes he's no better than Sparki doing that, so he asks Fury to stop. Fury then goes back inside of Di'angelo and he punches Sparki one last time before leaving the ball.




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  • This episode will be very grotesque and violent, which will make it somewhat unwatchable for younger children.
  • This episode will be one of the few that will be not be rated TV-Y7 FV.
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