Fury is the name of a character in Di'angelo. He is only seen in Fury Inside Me.

Fury About To Beat Sparki
Fury seconds from beating Sparki to a pulp.




Fury and Rage in Physical Form (with the appearance of Di'angelo)


Fury Inside Me


Fury is a small, red version of Di'angelo. He practically is all of Di'angelo bottled up anger in a physical form. He first appears in Fury Inside Me, after Di'angelo takes much abuse from Sparki and holds down his anger and feelings to fight back. Later on, (in a disgusting way) Fury gets outside of Di'angelo and starts wailing on him. Di'angelo, having all feeling of negativity out of him, is at peace and asks Fury to stop (which Fury does (apparently Di'angelo has control over him)). Sparki, seeing this as Di'angelo's fault, goes over to attack him AGAIN, in which Di'angelo gets upset over, since he practically saved his life. Fury, in response, attacks Sparki again, and Di'angelo doesn't say a thing. After a while, Di'angelo realizes that he has to be the bigger person in that situation and once again, asks Fury to stop, and allowing Sparki to beat him again. However, Sparki doesn't this time, (mostly because he's hurt) and because he finally respects Di'angelo for a bit. After all of this, Fury goes back into Di'angelo (which at first, Di'angelo doesn't want to happen, as he backs away from him, but can be seen happening anyway as a shadow on the wall (as this might have been terrifying for children to see)), to which everyone at the ball acts in disgust. Now, since Fury's back in Di'angelo, he responds back punching Sparki one more time and walking out.


Fury looks exactly like Di'angelo, except with red and wine colored fur and yellow eyes. He also seems to have raggedy fur and somewhat of a hunch on his back (maybe that he resembles a werewolf kind of version of Di'angelo). When his mouth is open, you can easily see two teeth there.



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