The Fruit Bowl.

The Fruit Bowl is a place inside of the fictional Los Angeles city inside of Di'angelo: the Animated Series. This is one of the 15 main restaurants in the series. It is one of the 6 to be shown in Di'angelo and Aza.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The restaurant sell fruit themed items [with yes fruit in them]. The outside looks like a giant fruit bowl. Some items of food include the fruit pizza, which is a pizza with cheese and various fruits, fruit smoothies, fruit salad, and the food challenge entree, The Ultimate Fruit Bowl, which has many melons and pineapples in it (30 pounds of it actually). Di'angelo in Pineapples! ate the whole bowl in a few minutes (less than the two hours they give them) to win the prizes, knowing he's allergic to pineapples (similar to Rigby in Eggscellent).

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