French Is Another Language (transcript)

First Part

Second part

Di'angelo: Random, m'aider à parler anglais à nouveau...

Random: Okay, first we need to find the magician and see if he'll forgive you.

Di'angelo: Etes-vous fou? Il ne me pardonnera pas! Il va me la peau et me faire un tapis!

Random: Well, he might but...

Di'angelo: À l'heure actuelle, c'est comme demander pardon oncle Aza. De toute façon, je vais être une peau sur le sol.

Random: [rolling her eyes] Agh, look do you want to either talk like this forever or would you like to have your ability to speak English? Hmm... we could ask Inzen if he can fix you.

Di'angelo: Je veux parler à nouveau! Eh bien, l'anglais à nouveau. Attends, quoi? Il me hait! Il va me tuer si il me voit! Vous savez, parlant français pour toujours ne semble pas si mauvaise...

Random: [sarcastically] Okay, thats fine with me, but when you get slapped by a lot of people dont come crying to me, because I'm not gunna help you when that happens!

Di'angelo: [gulps] Okay, okay. Nous vous demanderons de Inzen s'il va, ok? Je suis tellement peur en ce moment, je pouvais me mouiller.

Random: [talking to herself, quietly] I dont know what Aza sees in you... [to Di'angelo] Okay, fine let's go. [presses a button on the back of my necklace and it transports them to Maroonason]

Di'angelo: Qu'est-ce que le diable? Pourquoi n'ai-je pas quelque chose comme ça?

Random: I thought you already had one of these transporters.

Di'angelo: [quietly] Aza ne peut évidemment pas confiance en moi avec l'un, comme toi...

Random: Okay, we need to find Inzen and tell him what happened [starts walking up the path to Aza's castle].

Di'angelo: [walks very slowly behind]

Random: [walking in the front door of the castle (a butler answers the door)]

Butler: Hello ma'am. Are you here to see the king?

Random: Yes I am, and so is he [points at Di'angelo].

[Di'angelo's walking so slow he's not even at the door yet.]

Butler: Let me show you to him [magically transports Di'angelo to the door].

Di'angelo: [angrily] Dang, si je vais mourir, laissez-moi vous quelques minutes de plus de temps!

Random: Will you be quiet?!

Di'angelo: [whimpers] Oui, madame.

Butler: [walking them down a very long hallway] So why are you here to see the king?

Random: This guy [points at Di'angelo] was cursed and we thought he could help us with it.

Butler: [gasps] A curse! Well I hope he doesn't get around his daughter! You know he's very, very protective of her!

Random: Yeah, we've already met him and his daughter.

Di'angelo: Eh bien, je ne dirais pas maudit...

Random: Yes, you are dude. Its called the Speech Curse and you have it.

Butler: [gasps] The Speech Curse? That is such a coincidence! You know the king's daughter, Princess Aza, lost her ability to speak just a few days ago.

Di'angelo: Discours malédiction?

Random: Yep, my uncle still has it.

Di'angelo: [tail frizzs out] Encore? Il n'a pas de s'en débarrasser?

Random: Well, yeah.

Di'angelo: Ugh, jamais l'esprit. Je reçois confondre. Et, quand je me confondre, je veux faire tourner.

Random: [rolls her eyes] Agh...

Di'angelo: Pourquoi me haïssez-vous? Rina ne déjà, Je n'ai pas besoin que vous, aussi.

Random: I dont hate you. What makes you think that?

Di'angelo: Je ne sais pas. Je viens de le sentir quand vous êtes autour de moi. Vous semblez toujours pas comme étant autour de moi.

Random: Eh, that's just how I am, I guess...

Di'angelo: [looks down sadly] Oui...

Butler: [opens the door to Aza's living room] [to Inzen] You have visitors King Inzen and Princess Aza.

Aza is sitting on the counter with a million potions around her and Inzen is making her drink them all to try and get her voice back.

Di'angelo gets downs on all fours and crouches so Inzen won't see him.

Inzen: [says to Aza, not even noticing them and handing Aza another potion] Here, try this one! One of these has got to work! [Aza takes it from him and drinks it, then shrugs her shoulders, meaning it didn't work]

Random: Um, hello Inzen. Can I talk to you for a sec?

Inzen: Yes, but make it quick! I'm trying to get my daughter's beautiful voice back!

Random: Yes, I know, but... Okay, you see there's a guy who got the Speech Curse and I need a cure.

Di'angelo: [trembling from fright and hyperventilating] S'il vous plaît, ne me faites pas aller po...

Random: Agh, fine!

Inzen: Now, what language is he cursed with?

Random: French.

Inzen: Oh well, here this'll cure him [hands me a potion].

Random: Thank you very much.

Di'angelo: Merci!

Inzen: Who is that? I can't see him...

Random: Oh, uh, he's here... [points behind herself]

Inzen: [sees Di'angelo] Oh, it's you! What are you doing here?!

Di'angelo: Hey, Votre Majesté...

Inzen: [to Random] Please give him the potion, so I can understand what he is saying...

Di'angelo: Sans rancune, hein?

Inzen: [rolls eyes]

[Random hands Di'angelo the potion]

Di'angelo: Pourquoi tout le monde me déteste? Uh uh, je n'est pas de la boire.

Random: Why not?!

Di'angelo: Pour autant que je sache, il aurait pu empoisonner. Il me hait, souvenez-vous?

Inzen: Drink it, before I turn you into a coat! Your speech is getting very annoying!

Di'angelo: Je commence à aimer le français maintenant. Pourquoi je dois être un habit? Je ne peux pas être amateur de quelque chose?

Aza: [stares at him with an angry face]

Di'angelo: Beaux... Je vais rater mon accent français et de la parole... [he drinks it] Did it work?

Aza: [smiles]

Random: Yes it did, Thank God.

Di'angelo: Hey, got more of that? Tastes like Kool-Aid!

Inzen: If you drink more of it, you'll explode, so I wouldn't recommend you drinking anymore of it.

Di'angelo: Aww... uh, like I asked in French, no hard feelings, right?

Inzen: Well, maybe...

(to be continued later...)

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