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French Is Another Language is an episode of Di'angelo and Aza.


French is another language - DaA

"I freaking hate her..." in French.

Di'angelo for some reason can't stop speaking French, which annoys Random. Domino finds this hilarious [laughing at him and calling him names] and Di'angelo is too busy trying to tell Random to help him. Random starts getting mad because she can't understand what he's saying and Domino has to translate for him because he's fluent in French (unlike Di'angelo, which is ironic in his case because he's forced to speak it). He tells her (after she asked if he messed with a magical being of some sort) a magican (actually a magician turned wizard) had done it (after he accidently spilled soda on him and apparently it made him upset). He asks Random for help multiple times and she finally she agrees. She suggests going to Inzen, but Di'angelo declines because he knows Inzen hates him and probably wouldn't help. Then, Random tells him that she won't care if "he get slapped by a lot of people" and doesn't want him to come "crying to her for help", because she isn't. Di'angelo apparently doesn't like to get slapped, so he agrees to go with her.

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