Erasi is a character on Di'angelo. She is an antagonist that appears in The Beginning Part 1 and The Beginning Part 2. She may have a future role in a later episode, but this is unknown of as of now. She is a Chimera that wants to take to over Utopia and make it chaotic and war-filled like it was years ago. After that, she gets the idea to take over the human world. The only known way to stop her is apparently reverting all of her wrong doings and she'll become sane again (strangely). She seems to have some sort of history with Ace, but it isn't explored that far.


Erasi is depicted as insane and sneaky, always manipulating her way into something. Her first goal was to blend in with the crowd and slowly try to take over, but her addiction with eating goats, caused her plan to go off track. She then exposes herself a lot earlier than she should have and has to pretend to be a customer going around asking random parts of Utopia if can she buy a goat (to eat). The only one suspicious of her at the time is Sandie, as she didn't want to sell a goat to a random dog that comes there because they're Matilda's family. 

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