·         Sonja: Ah, so this place you’re always wandering off to…

·         Di’angelo: Yeah, yeah…

·         Riggles: But, you can’t tell ANYONE!

·         Di’angelo: Dear, sweet, CUTE, Riggles… *rubs her head* nobody’d believe her anyway. Only people pure of heart can see this place.

·         Riggles: Grr… *fixes hair*

·         Di’angelo: Anyway, once you cross the gate, which is invisible/intangible to anyone else, you don’t have to worry about anything.

·         [Domino runs up behind them.]

·         Domino: Di’angelo!

·         Di’angelo: Dom! Where ya been?

·         Domino: Di’angelo, what is wrong with you? You know… people aren’t allowed there…

·         Di’angelo: Sigh… she’s pure of heart, does it matter?

·         Domino: Dude… we don’t know what happens when people pass through there… anything could happen.

·         Di’angelo: *mocking* Anything could happen… blablablah whateves.

·         Domino: Fine, if something bad happens, don’t look for me to help you.

·         Di’angelo: Ugh. *facepaw*

·         Sonja: Something bad?

·         Riggles: Don’t worry! You’ll just probably implode upon contact with the gate or something!

·         Sonja: Uhhh…

·         Di’angelo: *smiling sheepishly* *pushes Riggles out of the way* No… that won’t happen, don’t worry.

·         Riggles: But--

·         [Di’angelo covers Riggles’s mouth.]

·         Di’angelo: Okay, let’s go.

·         Sonja: But--

·         Di’angelo: LET’S GO!

·         Sonja: Geez, okay…

·         [They arrive at the gate.]

·         Sonja: Auggh, is it always this bright?

·         Di’angelo: It’s not bright to us.

·         [Scene cuts to Di’angelo and Riggles wearing sunglasses. They both take them off a few seconds later.]

·         Sonja: I don’t know about this…

·         Di’angelo: Don’t worry about it…

·         Sonja: Okay… *walks in*

·         Di’angelo: *inhales* Ah… my home-- second home.

·         Sonja: [off-screen] Di’angelo… I feel kinda funny…

·         Di’angelo: Like how?

·         Sonja: I dunno… shorter and-- *sees reflection in puddle*

·         Di’angelo: Shorter and what?

·         Sonja: Dude…….

·         Di’angelo: What-- *sees her* oh, crap…

·         Riggles: Aw, come on!

·         [Scene pans out the show that Sonja is a raccoon.]

·         Sonja: Aw, what?

·         Riggles: Well… that’s better than imploding on contact, right?

·         Sonja: Yeah, I guess so…

·         Di’angelo: You might want to be careful here like that…

·         Sonja: Why?

·         Di’angelo: Like, most of the population is dogs and dog-like creatures… and dogs like to chase raccoons… and the end result isn’t pretty…

·         [Both Sonja and Riggles look scared.]

·         Di’angelo: *smiles sheepishly* Uhhh… anyway, let’s go my place…

·         [He pushes them both towards his house.]

·         Di’angelo: Okay, you two stay here and don--

·         [Someone knocks on the door.]

·         Di’angelo: Oh, crap! I dunno who that is! It could be anyone!

·         Sonja: There’s not like a police or anything here is there?

·         Di’angelo: Well, there’s an army, but they rarely bother anyone.

·         Sonja: Army? That’s worse than police! They’re like a super police with bombs and guns and stuff! And, those cool tanks… but, GUNS!

·         Di’angelo: Trust me, they won’t harm you. Especially not now. They won’t even know you’re a person.

·         Sonja: I dunno…

·         Di’angelo: You worry too much!

·         Sonja: But--

·         Di’angelo: TOO MUCH!

·         Sonja: Fine.

·         Riggles: Hey, let’s have a party!

·         Di’angelo: Riggles… how hard were you dropped on your head?

·         Riggles: I was dropped on my head?

·         Di’angelo: Very hard. *answers door*

·         Mrs.Wrebbles: Yes, we’re here for the Neighborhood Watch Committee.

·         Di’angelo: Uhh…

·         Mrs.Wrebbles: Anyway, we’d like to know if you’d jo--

·         Di’angelo: Uh, no thanks. *slams door* *walks over to Riggles and Sonja* Sometimes, I hate living here…

·         Riggles: I dunno. It’s kinda FUN here. So many dogs and griffins and stuff!

·         Di’angelo: Nothing ever gets you down, does it?

·         [Riggles’s smile turns into a frown.]

·         Di’angelo: Mm-hmm.

·         Sonja: Uhh… can we go? I’m not entirely comfortable here now…

·         Di’angelo: You’re going to stay here and like it! Wait, why aren’t you comfortable here?

·         Sonja: Dude! I’m like in the… dog district or something! There’s a dog committee or something, and there’s an ARMY! How am I NOT supposed to not feel comfortable here??? What if someone snitches? Hmm? I’ll be screwed! They take me away and--

·         Riggles: AND… they’ll probably put you in a dungeon! And, lock you up forever! Or, if need be, they’ll execute you!

·         Di’angelo: No, no they won’t. Riggles, shut up. You’re not helping.

·         Riggles: But--

·         Di’angelo: You know… I need a new raccoon pelt for my living room…

·         Riggles: *gulps* *softly* I’ll be quiet…

·         Sonja: Dude, I’m just nervous… I don’t know what they’ll do to me…

·         Riggles: They’ll--

·         [Di’angelo gives Riggles a hard look.]

·         Riggles: Nothing…

·         Di’angelo: Look, if you want me to show you how harmless the animals are here, then I’ll give you a tour.

·         Sonja: Outside?

·         Di’angelo: Yes, outside.

·         Sonja: With the dogs?

·         Di’angelo: Yes. With the do-- LOOK. They won’t hurt you!

·         Sonja: But, you said--

·         Di’angelo: *facepaw* Look, what I said was wrong. Just… just go outside…

·         Sonja: You sure they won’t chase me?

·         Di’angelo: This has gone on long enough.

·         [Di’angelo gets on all fours and looks vicious.]

·         Sonja: What has gone on--

·         [He starts charging at her.]

·         Sonja: Aaaaah! *she starts running*

·         Riggles: Sonje! Run up a tree! They can’t get you there!

·         Di’angelo: *distant* Shut up, Riggles!

·         [Sonja runs up a tree like Riggles said.]

·         Sonja: I don’t want to die!!!

·         Di’angelo: Then… *pants heavily* come down!

·         Sonja: No!

·         Di’angelo: *sees dogs forming around him* *quietly* You’re attracting attention…

·         Sonja: Oh, crap… more dogs. Go away! You will never catch me! *hears branch snap* Uh, oh…

·         Di’angelo: Well, Sonje, you either have the choice to let us catch you or… you fall to your untimely death.

·         Sonja: *gulps*

·         [Branch breaks more.]

·         Sonja: No! I won’t do it! You guys will just chase me!

·         Di’angelo: Suit yourself. Alright guys, you heard her. Let’s go.

·         [They walk away.]

·         Sonja: No! No! Don’t leave me!

·         [Branch snaps even more, to the point of fully breaking.]

·         Di’angelo: *keeps walking*

·         [Camera closes up on his face, as he makes a sneaky look.]

·         Sonja: Okay! Help me! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!

·         Di’angelo: Fine. Come on guys.

·         [They walk over. The branch finally gives in and she falls.]

·         Sonja: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *notices she’s not falling* Oh. Hehehe… thanks. *blushes*

·         [Dogs murmur as they walk away.]

·         Di’angelo: Well, if that wasn’t a test of trust, I don’t know what is. Now, can I give you that tour now?

·         Sonja: *sits on ground in fetal position and shivers* S-s-s-ure…

·         [Scene fades out, then fade back in to the front of Cat City]

·         Di’angelo: Welcome to the place where the dumb, icky, scratchy, annoying cats live!

·         Cat: Yeah, we love you ignorant drooling, raccoon chasing, walking flea motels, too.

·         Di’angelo: See? We get along great!

·         Sonja: Uhh…

·         Di’angelo: Moving along!

·         [Scene does a wipe-out and fades back in.]

·         Di’angelo: Here’s our Aviatory! Where all of the birds reside.

·         Sonja: Birds? All kinds of birds? Even Chickens?

·         Di’angelo: Even chickens.

·         Sonja: Uhh… hehe, good to know. *looks sneaky*

·         Di’angelo: Over here, there’s-- *hears a chicken squawk, then gets muffled suddenly*

·         Sonja: *muffled* Okay, you were saying?

·         Di’angelo: *looks at Sonja with his eyes half-closed* Cough her up.

·         Sonja: *swallows chicken* Cough what up? *coughs out feathers*

·         Di’angelo: *has unamused look on his face* Director, you might want to censor this next part. You know, for the children.

·         [Black screen goes up that says “Sorry!”, then cuts to a puppy playing with a ball.]

·         Di’angelo: *off-screen* Okay, we’re done!

·         Sonja: *lies on the ground looking exhausted*

·         Di’angelo: Now, we know not to eat the residents of the Aviatory anymore, right?

·         Sonja: Ya-yeah…

·         Di’angelo: Good. Now, over here are the Amazon birds…

·         [Scene fades out. Scene fades back in.]

·         Di’angelo: Now… you want to see an AWESOME part of Utopia?

·         Sonja: Yes!

·         Di’angelo: Okay… Back there, is the place where all of the Magical and Mythical creatures live… and not to mention… CRYPTIDS! There’s TONS of them! And, the hybrids.

·         Sonja: Hybrids?

·         Di’angelo: The HYBRIDS! They’re like… animals… like, mixed together.

·         Sonja: *eyes widening with amazement* Cool…

·         Di’angelo: Eeyeah…

·         Sonja: Let’s go back there… *starts walking, then gets caught by Di’angelo*

·         Di’angelo: No, no, no… too dangerous. Only the bravest and strongest go back there. Also, a lot of villains live over there. Trust me, you don’t want to go back there.

·         Sonja: Okay…

·         Griffin: *voice only* What’s wrong with back there? All the dangerous, all the better!

·         Di’angelo: Griffin.

·         [Griffin flies down in front of them.]

·         Griffin: There’s nothing back there that’s THAT bad.

·         Di’angelo: Too you. You’re big and strong and fast. Then, you keep watching me!

·         Griffin: That’s because you’re so fun.

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