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7 or 8 full-length episodes (30 mins), 1 TV movie

Di'angelo and Aza is a animated series/anime television show created by Rigbybestie1510 and Random Princess. This is the first series created by Rigbybestie1510 that mixes the two genres and she made in partnership with another person (Random Princess). The show features the often surreal and dark adventures of Di'angelo, an anthromorphic living stuffed animal dog and Aza, a space alien princess who are boyfriend and girfriend at the moment. The theme of the show is adult with the characters sometimes talking or joking about adult topics such as drinking, mental disorders, etc. It's also really dark and surreal in the matter of the show, too, often known for showing extremely graphic scenes of someone getting hurt, injured, or even almost killed (i.e. Aza). This is the only Di'angelo series that isn't made for children. It has a TV-14 rating and is made especially for teens and adults. Di'angelo and Aza has it's own television movie called Di'angelo and Aza: the Movie.


Di'angelo and Aza met in the park in the pilot. Di'angelo, (after finding out who she really was) was afraid of her for a bit. With a little coaxing by his adopted brother, Domino, he finally warms up to her. After a while, he falls in love with her, (without Aza knowing). Then later after a fiasco with the army (caused by FluffBall calling them), and him going to save her after she almost died, Di'angelo and Aza finally realized the both of them were made for each other.


"Di'angelo and Aza often struggle to keep their relationship and to stay alive everyday." - Rigbybestie1510, talking about Di'angelo and Aza.

Di'angelo and Aza is a series that features the two title character and the normal struggles in life. It's very surreal in the nature with the fact the character (and often their friends) get stuck in some crazy adventure usually caused by yes, Di'angelo or Aza. Di'angelo almost always has to be the middle man and help everyone out of the mess or someone else caused for them. Aza helps sometimes (if she isn't horribly injured in some way). Di'angelo usually has to deal with his own things, like him constantly getting embarrassed over something he did (or said) or him being scared of what obstacle they have to overcome.

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