Di'angelo - DTAS

Di'angelo as he appears in Di'angelo the Animated Series and Di'angelo and Aza.

This article is about the Di'angelo from Di'angelo: the Animated Series. For the original Di'angelo, see Di'angelo (character). For the Di'angelo in Di'angelo & Aza, see Di'angelo (Di'angelo and Aza).

Di'angelo is a character on Di'angelo: the Animated Series. He is the title character. This Di'angelo of all of them is the most rowdiest, rudest, non-caring, and just plain bad Di'angelo of them all.


Di'angelo from Di'angelo: the Animated Series has a rude, non-caring, and mischeivous personality. One example is from Aza where she wanted to make a radioactive pie of some sort and he comes back with explosives [to make the pie with] and Domino tells him that those will kill them and Di'angelo replies with "So?". He mischievious nature often gets him into a surreal adventure of some sort. He, however, with his non-caring attitude will come to the rescue of his friends (if they're in danger). He's excessively hyper and will do extremely dangerous and crazy things out of boredom. He's a attention hog, often wanting others to pay all their attention to him.


He has a look similar to the Di'angelo and Aza Di'angelo, having the newer look. He's 6 ft tall, with Silver-gray and white fur, blue eyes, floppy ears (due to weak cartilage), a large black nose, and a long fluffy tail.


  • He looks similar to the Di'angelo from Di'angelo and Aza.
  • His personality is supposed to be Rigbybestie1510's negative personality. (because this Di'angelo and the Di'angelo and Aza one are her personalities split. (Positive and Negative))
  • Di'angelo in this show is weak, while the Di'angelo and Aza Di'angelo is strong. It's because of his personality. He is always depending on others for his strength, which makes him weak, while DaA's is strong because he's independent.
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