Di'angelo: the Animated Series is a children's animated cartoon that is planned to be on Cartoon Network, but this is unknown of at the moment. This shows feature the daily adventures and misadventures of Di'angelo and his friends as they go through normal struggles in life (and a surreal event or two).

Di'angelo: the Animated Series
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Di'angelo Series

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First Season: 15; Second Season: 6



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Cartoon Network (presumed)

Plot[edit | edit source]

Di'angelo and Domino moved from their parents' house into an apartment (they're sharing). However, one day Di'angelo realizes that they have to get a job to avoid losing their new home. Di'angelo sees a ad on tv which is asking for people to apply for jobs at a gas station store called the "2 in the Am Pm". Di'angelo tells Domino that they have to work there because they have the biggest supply of Cooky brand cookies around (and apparently the workers there can eat them). When, they land the job there, they finally could pay for their apartment.

Di'angelo: the Animated Series promo ad.

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