Di'angelo: Aww, yeah... time for a day of rest and relaxation. No work, tons of junk food, Disney movies, and video games. Nothing could ruin this day.

(Someone knocks on the door.)

Di'angelo: Ugh...

Tiffani: Hey, Dee Wee!

Di'angelo: Aah! Tiffani! What the freak?!

Tiffani: I just came by and decided to give you some flowers. Here, smell.

Di'angelo: [pushes flowers away] Noooooo...

Tiffani: But they're beautiful and magnificent. (Smells roses.)

Di'angelo: [deep sigh] Yes, I see that. Don't you have some OTHER people to bother today?

Tiffani: No, I wanted to bother you, Dee Wee. (messes up Dee's hair.)

Di'angelo: [sarcastically] Ugh... this day's gonna be fun...

Tiffani: I know! (Tries to kiss Dee.)

Di'angelo: [puts his paw to her face] Let's do something else.

Tiffani: Okay! Let's play Spin the Bottle.

Di'angelo: Eww... something ELSE.

Tiffani: Okay, let's see a romantic movie about a couple kissing. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Di'angelo: No, it doesn't. How about we play Hide and Seek?

Tiffani: Goodie! I like Hide and Seek!

Di'angelo: [evilly] Wonderful. You go hide and I seek.

Tiffani: Yay! (Runs away to hide.)

Di'angelo: [quietly] That should get rid of her for a few minutes, so I can go to the basement...

(Tiffani is hiding in the shower.)

Tiffani: Let's see if Dee Wee can find me in here.

Di'angelo: [goes to the basement] Only place to get any peace and quiet around here... [turns on a TV he has down there]

(Tiffani is still hiding in the shower.)

Tiffani: Hmm...........Dee Wee hasn't found me yet. I miss him! I give up! I need Dee Wee! (Runs out of the bathroom and goes in to the basement.)

Di'angelo: [looking at a game show] C'mon... big money, big money..

Tiffani: There you are! I've been looking for you, sweetie kins.

Di'angelo: [tail and back frizzs up] Oh, hey... [thinking] Darn...

Tiffani: So, what should we do now, honey woney? A massage? Food? Truth or Dare?

Di'angelo: Sigh... [thinking] Man, this girl is crazy! I gotta get rid of her...

Tiffani: Honey, you seem rather famished. How about I make you some food?

Di'angelo: I'm not hun-- [stomach growls] Tattletale.

Tiffani: Ooh! I'll start cooking now! The food you're getting will be a surprise!

Di'angelo: [sarcastically] Oh, I can't imagine...

(Rina transports in the basement looking angry.)

Di'angelo: Rina?? Get outta my house!

Tiffani: Who's she?! Di'angelo, are you cheating on me?!

Rina: What?! Ewwww! Gross! I came here to see if he was cheating on Aza, and I was right!

Di'angelo: What?? I hate her and I already have a-- I mean, yes I am. I just love you Rina...

(Rina slaps him.)

Rina: I'm going to tell Aza and Inzen what you are doing right now!

Tiffani: And I'll tell the whole town, cheater!

Di'angelo: [angrily] What'd you do that for-- wait what? No!

Rina: I'm texting Aza right now and she's gonna explode when she finds out!

Di'angelo: Auggh! Why am I so irresistible? Don't do that! I can explain!

Rina: [sarcastically] Okay, yeah, sure go ahead and explain.

Tiffani: [To Di'angelo] I don't know. Maybe It's those feet. Or those ears. Or that voice. Or those eyes of blue water dripping-ugh! If you excuse me, I'm going to tell the whole town! Good day!

Di'angelo: Whoa, I look THAT good? Wow.

Rina: Wha? No, you don't!

(Tiffani slams the door hard and stomps outside.)

Di'angelo: Oh, crap... Look at what you done now! Now, I'll be ruined...

(Tiffani is outside.)

Tiffani: Stupid Di'angelo! Two timing me! Men!

(Tiffani finds a radio station tower.)

Tiffani: Hahhahah, perfect.

(Back to Di'angelo's house.)

Rina: Good! (She sends the text to Aza.) Ha! I sent it to her! What now?!

(Tiffani tries to walk in the radio station tower.)

Tiffani: Get out of my way!

(Tiffani pushes the man down.)

Man: And that, is the meaning of life.

(Tiffani barges in.)

Tiffani: Give me that microphone.

Man: Why?

Tiffani: Cause I said so.

Man: No.

Tiffani: Hey, give me that microphone or else!

Man: Or else what?

Tiffani: You'll see just about now.

(Sprays stink inside the building.)

Tiffani: Hhahahhahaha!

(Cuts to Aza getting the text message, reads it, then gets a blank like face; She drops the phone, and transports to where Rina and Di'angelo are.)

Di'angelo: Hey baby. How are ya?

(Aza slaps him.)

Di'angelo: [rubbing face] Ow...

(Aza slaps him again and so does Rina.)

Di'angelo: What the bump?! What did I do?

Rina: You were cheating on her remember?!

Di'angelo: Cheat? With that crazy lil' stink bomb? Ha! You're crazy. I can't stand her. And, they're no proof that I do.

(Tiffani talks on the microphone.)

(Scenes switch back and forth to Di'angelo's house to The Radio Station Tower.)

Tiffani: Ladies, gentlemen, citizens, I, as Di'angelo's ex-girlfriend, would like to report that...........

Di'angelo: Uhh... That's not what you hear?

Tiffani: Di'angelo is a two timing cheating dog!

(The citizens gasp.)

Di'angelo: What?! Ooh... I'm gonna kill her later.

Rina: Ha! That enough proof for ya?!

Di'angelo: Those are lies! I never loved her!

Rina: That's what all men say when they get caught cheating!

Tiffani: Even if Di'angelo claims these are lies, he indeed cheated on not only me, but on this girl named Aza. This "Aza" isn't as lovely and beautiful as me.

Di'angelo: Auggh! She's ruining my life! [he attempts to runs down in his basement]

(Aza grabs him by the neck before he does run.)

Di'angelo: [choking] Baby, you know those things aren't true and I think you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

(Tiffani gets out of the tower.)

Tiffani: Men! Pigs!

(Aza grabs a marker and writes on the wall "We're done". Then Rina and Aza transport back to their planet.)

Di'angelo: Wha? Aza...

(Tiffani walks over to Di'angelo's house.)

Tiffani: I taught that pig a lesson.

(Tiffani goes to the basement.)

Tiffani: Huh, where did he go? He probably left to be with "Aza". She's a tramp!

Di'angelo: [hears her and sees her] You! You did this to me!

Tiffani: Huh? Is that you, Di'angelo?

Di'angelo: [angrily] Don't try that! Aza hates me now and it's because of you!

Tiffani: Well, maybe you shouldn't have cheated, two timer.

Di'angelo: Auggh! When are you gonna get it in your stupid head?! I don't like you and I never did! I never dated you because you're 6 years younger than me and you're a Skunk! Get it?!

Tiffani:(Cries.) You heartless, heartless, dog. (Runs away crying.)

Di'angelo: Bye! Ugh... women are overrated.

(Tiffani is in the bathroom.)

Tiffani: How did I even like that jerk? First he cheats on me, and then is a big jerk. It's not fair! (Cries more.) Time to get in my house and burn my Di'angelo pictures.

(Tiffani gets out of Di'angelo's house.)

Di'angelo: [watching Bambi] Haha, look at him skating on the ice! Ha, he keeps falling! [stuffs popcorn in his mouth]

(Tiffani is in her house ridding stuff in her house that has to do with Di'angelo.)

Tiffani: There, all the pictures are burnt. Now, time to break the shrine.

(Tiffani throws her shrine hard on the floor and breaks.)

Tiffani: It broke. Just like my heart.

(Someone knocks on her door.)

Chips: Hey Tiff!

Tiffani: Chips! The one person that didn't two time me!

(Tiffani opens the door.)

Chips: What's wrong?

Tiffani: D'angelo............cheated on me.

Chips: [thinking] Yay!

Tiffani: Isn't it so horrible?

Chips: Uh, yeah. It is. You want to do something with me?

Tiffani: Sure. I don't want to think about that pig.

Chips: [quietly] Yes! [normal] Alright, let's go to the park.

(Aza and Rina are in Aza's room; Aza's voice somehow came back, and Aza is crying or screaming sitting on her bed.)

Rina: Ugh! I can't believe him! I'm going to tell Inzen right now and we'll be done with him!

(Rina leaves the room.)

Aza: [crying] I never thought he would do this to me.

(Di'angelo is watching the movie still.)

Di'angelo: [stops looking at the movie] Oh no, I just remembered. Inzen's gonna KILL me if I hurt her again! I'm so screwed.

(Rina walks into Inzen's room.)

Rina: Inzen, you wouldn't believe what he did to her this time!

Inzen: What? I thought me and him were good now and he said that he wasn't going to do anything else.........

Rina: No, It's worse then you think, Di'angelo cheated on her!

Inzen: [angry and yelling] What?! Oh, I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna kill him!

Rina: Good idea! That lying scum deserves to die!

Di'angelo: [spinning] I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!! He's gonna turn me into a rug or a coat or somein'! All I know is he's gonna kill me!

Aza: Wait, if he done this then that means he's gonna die! I can't let that happen! Even if he did just break my heart in two million pieces............

Di'angelo: Ohhh... this is so not fair. Dang, Tiffani had to come and mess everything up!

Inzen: We shall behead him! Tomorrow at the crack of dawn!

(Tiffani and Chips are sitting on a park bench feeding the ducks.)

Tiffani: Sigh.

Chips: What's wrong? You don't like feeding the rubber ducks?

Tiffani: I do, but, they all look like Di'angelo but yellow.

Chips: Sigh... you need to get your mind off of him [silently] and on to me......

Tiffani: I guess so.

Chips: Wanna go somewhere else?

Tiffani: Sure. Let's go to the Fruit Bowl.

Chips: Okay.

Tiffani: You know, Chips? You're a really cool guy.

Chips: I am? Oh, well... [thinking] She likes me! She likes me! This could be the best day of my life!

Tiffani: Yeah, you are. I'm babbling though; let's actually go to the Fruit Bowl.

Chips: Okay, let's get some of that Fruit Pizza.

[Over at Dee's house]

Di'angelo: [still spinning] Man, I'm actually getting tired. I can't concentrate on my energy and it's making me tired... [stops spinning and plops on the floor, tired]

Di'angelo: [panting] I hope someone doesn't try to kill me today...

(Rina transports there and uses her powers to paralize Dee so he can't move from the neck down.)

Rina: [teasingly] You're gonna die! You're gonna die! [laughs]

Di'angelo: [weakly] Why?

Rina: Because you're a cheating jerk that's why!

Di'angelo: [weakly] Do what you want with me. I don't care.

Rina: You shouldn't care! You're gonna get killed anyway!

Di'angelo: [weakly] Do it! I'm a animal, anyway! It happens all of the time and no one cares! Just do it!

Rina: What? I'm not killing you, the beheader is tomorrow morning, I'm just here to get you and throw you in the dungeon, now come on!

(Rina and Dee transport into the dungeon under Aza's castle and throws him in the dungeon and unparalizes him and locks the door shut.)

Di'angelo: Aah! Lemme outta here! I have claustrophobia! I hate being in confined small places like this! If I'm gonna die, lemme at least be somewhere bigger! [curls up into a circle] I'm scared...

Rina: That's the point of a dungeon, I'll be here in the morning to get you for the beheading.

(She goes up stairs leaving two huge guards standing in front of Dee's cage.)

Di'angelo: [uncurls himself and runs to the door] I hate being in jail! This isn't fair! I want out! Don't leave me like this! Auggh!

Guard 1: Be quiet! Or I'll kill you myself!

Guard 2: [To Guard 1] Whoa dude, calm down. The guy is just a little freaked out about his beheading. [To Dee] It'll be okay dude just try and calm down, it'll be over before you know it.

Di'angelo: [whimpers] Okay... [thinking] Wait! I'm a Husky and we're natural escape artists. And, two, I have hammerspace! I'll just torch my way out!

Guard 1: We can read your mind too, so we know what you're gonna try and do.

Di'angelo: Stay outta my head!

Guard 2: Sorry, we just naturally hear everything you say.

Di'angelo: Auggh! I want outta here! That's it, I'm torching my way out. [pulls his torch out]

(Guard 1 and 2 both blow out the torch.)

Di'angelo: You idiots, it relights. [continues welding his way out]

(Guard 1 takes it from him and breaks it.)

Di'angelo: I have more. We can do this all day. [pulls out another one and continues]

Guard 1: There's no use man, you might as well just lay down and get you're last sleep of your life in.

Di'angelo: No, if I have a slight chance if surviving something, I'm gonna try to save myself. I'm not getting decapitated tomorrow! Can you hold this grenade pin for me? [hands the guard a grenade pin]

Guard 2: You do know this place is bomb repellent, so they won't work here.

Di'angelo: No, you don't understand. This grenade is so strong it would blow up the whole planet. I know, my uncle made it. Told me to use it in a emergency. I suggest you move back.

Guard 1: So if you do then you'll kill yourself and you're as I've heard you're ex-girlfriend who you still seem to like? And there's no way of getting here back when she's gonna be dead.

Di'angelo: I won't be dead. I can survive explosions. You, however... ha. Oh no, l forget about Aza! Ugh! Gimme the pin back! It's gonna explode any minute!

Guard 2: Okay here. (Hands the pin back to him.)

Di'angelo: [puts the pin back in the grenade] Phew... if it started ticking, then we'd be in trouble.

Guard 1: So you still do have feelings about her? Aw, that's sweet, but trust me did you're never gonna see her again...........

Di'angelo: Yeah, I still love her if that's what you asking. And, I am gonna see her again. I just gotta get to her uncle...

Guard 2: Well you're not gonna get to talk with him because we're not letting you out of here.

Di'angelo: What if I make it worth your while? I can pull ANYTHING from hammerspace.

Guard 1: We don't take bribes.

Di'angelo: Not even money? I can pull that, too. I just never do for some reason...

Guard 2: Nope, we get paid a thousand an hour.

Di'angelo: Will a million change your minds? Please?

Guard 1 & 2: Nope.

Di'angelo: [pulls out Melanie] Well, Mel, it was nice knowing you...

(He hugs her and starts crying.)

Guard 2: Like I said before It'll be over before you know it and you should probably get you're last sleep of you're life in for tomorrow.

Di'angelo: [tears roll down his face] I don't want it to be over! I want to live! This isn't fair! I just wanted a peaceful day off! Then, it spiraled all outta control because of Tiffani!

(Tiffani and Chips are at the Fruit Bowl.)

Tiffani: Mmm, this fruit pizza's yummy!

Chips: Told you. It's the best.

Tiffani: But, it looks like Di'angelo but in pizza form.

Chips: [thinking] Ugh, that's all she cares about... [speaking] Uh... let's talk about other things like marriage, uh... I mean school, l guess?

Tiffani: Wait, did you just say marriage?

Chips: What? No... Why would I say that?

Tiffani: Because, well, I'll come out and say it, I have a little crush on you....

Chips: Really? I've had one since I met you. I could never tell you, though.

Tiffani: could've told me, Chippy Wippy.

Chips: [blushes] Well, I didn't want to rush it, so...

Tiffani: Well, it looks like we're a couple now, then.

Chips: Yeah... what do you want to do now, then? A movie?

Tiffani: Whatever you want to do, honey woney. (tickles chipped ear.)

Chips: [giggles] I always wanted you to do that...

Tiffani: Let's go watch a movie, honey kins.

(They leave to go see a movie.)

(Back to Dee...)

Di'angelo: [writing on a piece of paper]

Guard 1: [whispering to Guard 2] You think he's asleep yet?

Di'angelo: That should sercure everything.

Guard 2: Nope agh.....

Di'angelo: Why do you want me to go to sleep so badly? Is y'all gonna eat my brains or somein'?

(Suddenly a figure dressed as a ninja onlt a person can't see It's eyes or anything and it knocks both the guards out.)

(It opens the door of Dee's cage and motions It's arm telling him to follow it.)

Di'angelo: Okay... [gets up and follows the ninja] Wait a minute... [sniffs the air] Aza?

(The ninja doesn't say anything it just walks down the hall way and a few seconds later two more knocked out guards lay on the floor.)

Di'angelo: Fine. Give me the silent treatment. [continues following the ninja]

(The ninja puts It's finger up It's mouth meaning be quiet and points to him and then back at It's fist meaning or I'll hurt you.)

Di'angelo: [quietly] Okay... dang.

(The two walk down the many hall ways and they soon come to the big door with many guards standing in front of it; Then the guards see them and attack.)

(The ninja manages to knock out seven of them but there are still twelve more.)

(Di'angelo gets into defensive mode and starts fighting.)

(The ninja kicks dirt on the floor making it where the guards can't see them.)

Di'angelo: [quietly] Want me to sucker punch him?

(The guards hear him and start shooting arrows all over the place.)

Di'angelo: Bump! We gotta go!

(The ninja manages to catch some of the arrows but one of them slightly gets caught on the back of the ninja's mask casuing a few strands of red hair to fall out of it but the ninja doesn't seem to notice.)

Di'angelo: Gasp! [thinking] It is Aza! No wonder someone came to rescue me.

(She starts running for the door but right when she does an arrow goes in to the side of her arm and she grasps her arm; She then stumbles backwards.)

Di'angelo: [runs over and catches her] Look at what you did! [arrows flies at him] Uh oh. [ducks and misses it] We gotta go! [gets out of the room, while carrying Aza]

(Aza gets the arrow out of her arm and throws it at one of the guards and it hits the guard in the face.)

Di'angelo: Ooh, that's gonna hurt in the morning.

(Aza starts crying in pain and clenches her arm and blood is flowing out of her arm on to the ground.)

Di'angelo: Hold on, honey! Lemme get you somewhere safe for the both of us.

Aza: [crying] Hurry! [screams in pain]

Di'angelo: Darn, I don't know where I'm going!

Aza: There's a cave somewhere around here, uhhhh go this way [she points left with her good arm]

'Di'angel'o: Alright. [he goes to where she points]

(Soon the two make it to the cave that has a pond in it.)

Di'angelo: This place is nice, Aza.

Aza: No it isn't.......

Di'angelo: Why not?

Aza: I don't wanna talk about it........

Di'angelo: Never mind. I can tell it's somein' from your childhood, but I can't place my paw on it.

Aza: Just shut up about it!

Di'angelo: Okay, okay... You want me to do something about your arm there?

Aza: Uh yeah [pulls off her ninja mask] but what can you do about it? Those arrows are poisonous you know, I can't even feel my arm.......

Di'angelo: Aw, darn. Poison doesn't bother me. Umm... We have to get you to someone.

Aza: Like who?

Di'angelo: I don't know. You said you have nurses here. Then, we have to have a nurse come, then.

Aza: You idiot! We can't contact anyone here because they'll find out that you're here and out of jail! And worse..... I'm with you and injured because of you!

Di'angelo: So? I'd rather face the consequences than you die. I told you I'd protect you until I die. I guess today is that day.

Aza: You still care about me? But I told you we're done after you..............cheated on me [she looks away with tears in her eyes]

Di'angelo: Yeah, I still care about you. I always will. And, I didn't cheat on you. Tiffani is 10 years old and delusional. She likes me for no reason after all. Ugh... Rina once again lied on me.

Aza: Really? But Rina never lies.......

Di'angelo: She did that time! She likes for me to look bad with you! She hates me and you being together, I can tell! Rina wants us to break up! Do you think someone who cheats is gonna sarcrifice himself for just anyone if he cares for another? That's not me! I really care for you and I love just you, Aza...

Aza: [blushing] Love you too...........[not blushing anymore] but.......I thought Rina was happy for me.....

Di'angelo: Ha! She laughs everytime she thinks she separated for good! She probably told your uncle to kill me! I'm surprised she didn't do it on her own!

Aza: My best friend........wants to make me miserable............I'm confused.

Di'angelo: I know it's a lot to swallow, but it's true. Believe me. I wouldn't lie to you.

Aza: [holding her forhead with her good arm] Aaaaagh! Why did all this happen too me?!

Di'angelo: It's okay... [hugs her on her good side]

Aza: [blushing and smiling] You're sweet. [she puts her head on his shoulder]

Di'angelo: Look, we need to get you to someone fo' it's too late. Even if it means me getting captured again.

Aza: No! I'd rather have my arm cut off then having you're head cut off!

Di'angelo: No, I'm not worth you losing anything. Please, just save yourself. Thank you for saving me, but please just let me do this, okay?

Aza: [tears going down on her face] No, I can't risk that, you can't change my mind...............I'm sorry.

Di'angelo: [angrily] Aza, now you look at me! I want you to live! Okay?! I am not worth you dying on me! And, to think, they're gonna kill me anyway afterwards! I'm gonna die either way! Now, let me go!

Aza: [angrily] Fine!

Di'angelo: [calmly] Aza, you know I don't like to yell at you, but it's true. It was nice knowing you for this very short time. [tears start going down his face] I'm gonna miss you...

(Aza starts sobbing.)

Di'angelo: [tears continue to fall down his face] I love you and I always will... [he goes over and hugs and kisses her] Don't forget me, okay?

Aza: Okay.........

Di'angelo: I'm gonna go find someone who can help you and try to evade them enough as they chase me to get to you. Then, of course you know what happens after that...

(Aza takes one last look at him then looks away and quietly cries.)

Di'angelo: Here. [gives her Melanie] She needs someone else to take care of her now. [to Melanie] I love you too, Mel. Daddy's gonna go now...

(Aza takes Melanie and continues crying not even looking at Dee.)

Di'angelo: I'm gonna go now. [He runs out the cave and tries to find her uncle]

(Inzen is on the couch reading Maroonasoon's version of the bible.)

Di'angelo: Gotta find her uncle, gotta find her uncle! He's gonna hate to see me, but I gotta fin-- [sniffs air] Found him! He's right there [looks in the window of the room]

Inzen: Sigh.........

Di'angelo: [waves and smiles]

Inzen: [yelling] What?! Get in here! Now!

Di'angelo: [points at the window, meaning "Can you open it?"]

Inzen: Whatever! Just get in here!

Di'angelo: [motions to open the window again]

Inzen: Open it already!

Di'angelo: [he opens the window, hops in the window (on all fours) and stands in the room] Hey there! How are ya doing?

Inzen: Well how do you think I'm doing? [yelling] after what you did I've been so enraged!

Di'angelo: Hey, I didn't do anything wrong! Tiffani and Rina lied! I need you to follow me please...

Inzen: [calmy] Fine, you have twenty minutes to try and convince me not to kill you.

Di'angelo: Fine. Follow me. [hops out window] Well? C'mon!

Inzen: A king does not jump out of windows like some wild animal! [he walks out of the door next to the window]

Di'angelo: You're weird. I thought hopping out of windows was fun. Never mind. Follow me.

(He starts trotting where Aza is.)

Inzen: Why are you taking me to where Aza and her parents use to go?

Di'angelo: Don't ask... just come with me.

Inzen: Fine.

Di'angelo: [gets in pointer dog position towards Aza] There you go.

Inzen: Um okay. [he walks into the cave and sees Aza sitting on the ground] Aza? What are you donig here? Shouldn't you be in bed?

Aza: Uh........I was........uuuuuh...........

Di'angelo: She set me as free as a bird. And, she got hurt doing it.

Inzen: [yelling at Aza] What?! You broke him out?! Why on Maroonason would you do something like that?! [To Dee] Wait, did you say she got hurt?

Di'angelo: [scared but trying not to show it] Yes... because of your guards out there....

Inzen: What? But they would never shoot at her...........

Aza: It's because they didn't know it was me............I was in disguise.......

Di'angelo: They didn't know it was her. Don't ask. And, who has poison arrows with a stuffed animal? Poison doesn't kill us.

Inzen: They've always had those, and [freaking out] she got shot with one of them?! Where was it?!

Di'angelo: Her arm.

Inzen: [To Aza] Let me see you're arm.

Di'angelo: You don't want me to lick it? That usually heals animals.

Inzen: What?! No! [To Aza] Let me see it.

Di'angelo: Okay... touchy.

(Aza pulls off the side of her shirt revealing a big swolen blue/black hole in her arm.)

Di'angelo: Eww... that must hurt.

Inzen: We need to get her to a hospital! Now!

Di'angelo: I thought you didn't have those here.

Inzen: We have though here four emergencies.

Di'angelo: Okay. How are you gonna get her there?

Inzen: I can transport us there. [he transports the three of them to the hospital.]

Di'angelo: I keep forgetting y'all can do that.

Inzen: You forget a lot of things, lad.

Di'angelo: Yeah............can they help her?

Aza: Guys, I feel light headed......

Di'angelo: What? Oh, no..

Inzen: The poison is starting to go to the rest of her body!

Di'angelo: Aw, man! What do we do?! [starts spinning]

Aza: [weakly/drousily] I'll be okay. Don't worry............ [she starts to fall backwards]

Di'angelo: [stops spinning and catches her]

Aza: [half knocked out] Thanks. [Tries to stand back up but falls again]

Di'angelo: Aah! [catches her again] Let's just sit down, okay?

Aza: [half knocked out] Okay.......

Di'angelo: [pulls a recliner out of hammerspace] Here, sit on this.

Aza: [fainting] Mhm..... [she faints in to the chair]

(A doctor walks in.)

Di'angelo: Dude! She's getting worse!

Doctor: Okay, okay what happened?

Inzen: She got hit with a poisoned arrow.

Doctor: What?! How long has she had the poison in her?

Di'angelo: [tears roll down his face] Oh Aza, don't die on me...

Inzen: [To Doctor] Don't ask me! Ask the boy! [Points to Dee]

Di'angelo: Lemme think... about 45 minutes.

Doctor: [Gasp] That's way too long to have the poison in her! She could die in the next hour! I need to take her to the lab now!

Di'angelo: I wouldn't know. I could drink poison on purpose and it wouldn't kill me. Wait, what?! Oh, crap!

Doctor: [To Nurses] We need to get her into the lab!

(The two nurses get Aza and put her on a moving hospital bed; The nurses rush her into the lab)

Di'angelo: Ugh, I'm gonna sit down now. I'm tired. [sit down on all fours] Ow! What the heck?! [pull a arrow from his backside] Hmm... I got hit with one and I didn't even notice it. [throws arrow to the side]

Inzen: Don't just sit there! We need to follow them! [he runs after the nurses and doctor into the lab]

Di'angelo: You're right. Hmm... seems I have a tear.

Inzen: You can fix it later! You can either stay here like the dork you are or you can man up and come with me!

Di'angelo: Hey! I'm not a dork! If it wasn't for me, she wouldn't be here in the first place! I saved her!

Inzen: [yelling] If it wasn't for you she wouldn't need any saving!

Di'angelo: True that. [strolls in back with everyone else]

Inzen: You know she was just fine without you and now she's gonna die and It's all because of you! And, you know what? I'm not gonna kill you! You deserve to live with this for the rest of you're life!

Di'angelo: What?! No! Don't say that! She's not gonna die on me! I would die too, from the loneliness... Your Majesty, you cant let her die on me! I didn't mean it! It's not fair!

Inzen: There is a good chance that she is going to live, we just don't know yet, and I know you didn't mean it, at least......... I think you didn't mean it.......

Di'angelo: Of course, l didn't mean it! If I did, I wouldn't have gotten you and I woulda just let her die!

Inzen: I realize that...........It's just I don't fully trust you is all............

Di'angelo: Why not? I can't help I'm accident prone, if that's what it is! Stuff always happens with me!

Inzen: I have also realized that, and I don't really care right now, all I care about is that Aza lives and I'm sure that's all you care about too.

Di'angelo: Yes, that's all I care about! Why does everyone hate me?!

Inzen: I don't hate you, I just think you're twisted in the head.

Di'angelo: I'm not twisted! Auggh! Never mind! You don't believe anything I say anyway...

Inzen: [annoyed] Fine.......

(Tiffani and Chips are at the movie theater. The two are sharing popcorn.)

Chips: How are you enjoying the movie?

Tiffani: Oh, Chippy, It's just wonderful. Especially with you here.

Chips: I feel the same way with you...

(Tiffani giggles and tries to kiss Chips.)

Man: Hey, shut up! We're trying to enjoy a movie here!

(Tiffani cries.)

Chips: [angrily] Hey man! Back off my girl!

Man: Why don't you back off?!

Chips: That's it! [jumps on the man and starts attacking him]

Theater Worker: Woah, break it up! Break it up!

Man: You shut up!

Woman: Oh my! I'm sorry, sir, my husband gets angry easily.

Man: No I don't!

Theater Worker: All right! Get out, all of you! NOW!

Chips: [angrily] Good! This movie was stupid anyway! [calmly] Ready to go, Tiff?

Tiffani: [whiping away tear] You stood up for me. [blushes]

Chips: Yeah, I told you I love you.

(Tiffani's face becomes entirely red from blushing.)

Chips: Come on, let's go somewhere else. [eyeing the man] Some people are too rude here.

(Man tries to attack Chips.)

Woman: Honey, please don't. You don't want to be arrested for the tenth time do you?

Chips: [angrily] Want another fight?! I'm ready anytime!

Woman: I'm terribly sorry for his behavior.

(Woman whispers into Chips's ear.)

Woman: I'm getting divorce papers. [not whispering] Let's go honey before you kill someone.

Man: [angrily] Fine...........

Theater Worker: Did you all hear me?! Go! Now!

Man: Why don't you go-.

Woman: Just don't.

(The man and woman get out of the theater. The man shakes his fist looking at Chips.)

Tiffani: Movie theaters aren't what they used to be...

Chips: Nope. They got more violent.

Tiffani: Oh well, I guess we'll go somewhere else........

Chips: Hmm... want to go to the arcade?

Tiffani: Yeah, sure.

Chips: Okay. (they go to the arcade)

(Later at the Maroonasoon emergency hospital.)

(The Doctor walks out of the lab with a clip board.)

Di'angelo: Is she gonna be okay?!

Doctor: Well, I have good news and bad news.........

Di'angelo: What?! What?!

Doctor: The good news is that she's going to live. The bad news is that she won't have enough energy to use her powers or hardly move any of her limbs because they are now so thin and fragile, any part of her body could snap like a tooth pick if she stands up or walks around............but It's only for about six to eight weeks, so it's not permanent.

Di'angelo: That's not fair! She can't do anything!

Doctor: [getting mad] Hey! At least she can talk and even better, she's alive! If I knew you would react this way, I would have just let her die!

Di'angelo: [angrily] What?! That's it, you're going down! [jumps and attacks him]

(Inzen picks them both up off the ground from each other by pulling their hair.)

Di'angelo: [angrily] Put me down, manje! He shouldn't have said that!

Inzen: [angry] Hey! You should've been grateful that he got her to live!

Di'angelo: [angrily] Auggh! Fine! Set me down!

Inzen: [calming down] Okay just try and calm down....... [he sets them both down]

Di'angelo: [calmly] Okay. Dang, someone says something bad at someone I love and you get mad because I do something about it.

Inzen: Because I don't want any more of us to get injured!

Di'angelo: Eh... don't worry about me. I always bounce back.

Inzen: [sarcastically] I'm sure............

Di'angelo: It comes with being a stuffed animal. We're almost indestructible.

Inzen: Hmm.......

Di'angelo: What?

Inzen: Nothing, nothing. [He is looking to the left and is thinking about something with a serious page]

Di'angelo: Oh. I thought you were thinking about the "almost indestructible" part and was still thinking about killing me some way.

Inzen: Uh, well, sorta, but not the killing you part..........

Di'angelo: You sure? I still sense anger at me in you.

Inzen: Eh, yeah, I still don't like you, but I don't think I'm going to kill you and like I said, you deserve to live knowing that you almost killed Aza for the one-hundreth time.............

Di'angelo: No! Don't leave me to suffer like this! I can't live knowing I almost caused her death again!

Inzen: Really? Because I thought you'd be thrilled that I was going to let you live, but if you want me to kill you that's fine by me, I was just trying to be nice..........

Di'angelo: [nervously] What? No. I was being dramatic! I don't want to die. Believe me. I have a phobia of death. That's why I can't see anyone die.

Inzen: You have a phobia of everything.

Di'angelo: Yes I do. I have many problems.

Inzen: I can see that........... you have more problems then this entire planet and yours combined.

Di'angelo: Yeah... I'm kinda crazy like that. I had a messed up childhood.

Inzen: I can see that also, you're all screwed up, no offense.

Di'angelo: Aza tells me that all of the time.

Inzen: [laughing] I'm sure she does!

Di'angelo: Why does everyone think my mental status is funny?

Inzen: Well sorry but there's just something about you that I find hilarious. [laughs]

Di'angelo: Like what? That I'm klutzy, that I'm accident-prone, or that I'm not mentally stable at times?

Inzen: Eh, I dunno, I guess It's all of those reasons.

Di'angelo: [sadly] I guess I am a mess, aren't I?

Inzen: Sadly, yes you are.

Di'angelo: [sadly] I'm gonna go sit outside for a bit.

Inzen: Okay...........

Di'angelo: (now outside) [sadly] Why do I always cause trouble to people? This is the millionth time I done this to someone...

(Tiffani and Chips are at the arcade.)

Tiffani: Man, I wish I was as good as you.

Chips: You're pretty good. You're better than that guy.

Boy: Hmpt!

Tiffani: [blushes] Well................if you say so.

Chips: [blushes] I mean it.

(Tiffani's face becomes entirely red from blushing.)

Tiffani: You're sweet.

Chips: [His face is red from blushing] And, you're sweeter.

Teenage Boy: Hey! Get a room!

Tiffani: You get a room!

Teenage Boy: I don't need one!

Tiffani: Hold on a sec, hun.

(Tiffani runs to the Teenage Boy off screen and sprays him.)

Chips: Haha! Good one, Tiff!

Tiffani: [blushes] Aww thanks...

Chips: We better go before he gets back up.

Tiffani: Yeah, you're right. Where should we go now?

Chips: Hmm... well, the fair's in town. Want to go?

Tiffani: Yes! I love fairs!

Chips: Awesome. Then, I can win you a stuffed animal.

Tiffani: [blushes] You'd do that for me?

Chips: Sure.

Tiffani: [blushes] You're a really special guy, ya know that?

Chips: [blushes] Really? No one really tells me that...

Tiffani: Yes, really.

Chips: Thanks...

Tiffani: No, thank YOU for being such a good boyfriend.

Chips: Oh, well, gosh....I didn't know you really thought of me like that.

Tiffani: It's true, but, we should go to the fair; I've been babbling too much.

Chips: No, I like to hear you talk.

Tiffani: [giggles] You're the sweetest.

(The two go to the fair.)

(Chips gives a cotton candy vendor 50 cents.)

Chips: Two, please.

(The vendor gives them two cotton candies.)

Chips: Thanks.

Vendor: No, thank you.

Chips: It's the least I can do.

Tiffani: Well, I can't wait for you're best.

Chips: [blushes] I'll see what I can do.

Vendor: [looking at the two] Sigh........kid love. It'll be a shame once they're teens and break up.

Chips: What?! We'll never break up!

Tiffani: Yeah, we'll be together forever and ever.

Vendor: That's what my girl said when I was 10. [cries]

Chips: Uhh......It'll be okay, dude. you'll find the right person one day. Like I did..........

Vendor: You know what, kid? You're right. Thanks for the tip. Here, let me give you a free cotton candy to share together.

Chips: Thanks mister! And, I was glad to help.

Vendor: Well, good luck to you two. You seem like you'll be together for a long time.

Chips: I sure hope we do and I hope you'll find the right person one day.

Vendor: Yeah, me two. There is this girl at the candy store I have a crush on. Anyway, thanks for the help and have fun.

Chips: Well, go tell her how you feel then.

Vendor: I will. Anyway, see ya two lovers! I have a date with the candy lady! Hhahahhahahhahah! (Runs away.)

Chips: Sigh... adults in love. Never lasts long. Okay, what do you want to do now?

Tiffani: Hmm..................

Chips: Wanna play darts?

Tiffani: Sure! I wanna see how my Chippy Wippy is at the game.

Chips: I kick butt at darts!

Tiffani: Yay!

(They go to the dart stand)

Chips: Watch a master at work. (throws dart and hits the balloon)

(Then, he throws the other two and hits the balloons)

Dart Man: Wow. That's some talent you got there.

Chips: [To Dart Man] Yeah, I know............ [to Tiffani] Tiff, pick out what you want.

Tiffani: [blushes] Aw, doing all of that for little me? Sweetest male ever.

Chips: Yeah, well, you deserve it.

Tiffani: [blushes so much her face gets red] You know, everyone either hates me or doesn't like me, but you, you're the best.

Chips: It's the same with me. Most women think I'm a rat. I'm a opossum!

Tiffani: I know, huge difference!

Chips: Ferris wheel?

Tiffani: Ferris wheel.

(They go on the Ferris wheel)

(Back to where Dee is...)

(The Doctor walks out of the lab.)

Di'angelo: [now back inside the building] Yes?

Doctor: You guys can take her home now, just be very careful! Okay?

Di'angelo: Okay...

Doctor: [opening the door] Now don't be startled by her appearance.............she looks kinda scary...........

Di'angelo: How bad can she be--[sees her] HOLY CRAP!!!

(In the lab it shows Aza up on her hospital bed looking similiar to a skeleton but with skin, hair, etc.)

Di'angelo: [hyperventilating] Hey... baby...

Aza: [weakly] Hey........I look..........different, huh?

Di'angelo: [looking nervous] Yeah...

Aza: [weakly] Eh it was all worth it to save you........... [tries to smile]

Di'angelo: [smiles back, but then frowns after he realized all the trouble she went through for him]

Aza: It's okay, all that matters is that we're both alive, right?

Di'angelo: Yeah, I guess... but I wasn't worth you being like this.

Aza: Yeah, you were! Dont say stupid stuff like that! Your worth everything to me! Even if it means me being like this.....

Di'angelo: If you say so... I always cause trouble onto someone...

Aza: Not always.....

Di'angelo: I always do with you. That's why we're in this mess.

Aza: Not this time, it's not. If l had just listened to you in the first place instead of listening to Rina, none of this would have happened, so it's mostly my fault this time.

Di'angelo: Oh... gimme a hug, honey! (walks over to hug her)

Doctor: [walking inbetween them] Whoa! You can't do that!

Di'angelo: What?! Aww... Saying l can't have a hug, is like telling me to die.

Doctor: l'm sorry but like l said before, even the slightest bit of pressure could crack one of her bones like a tooth pick!

Aza: He's right, l wish l could, but l can't...

Di'angelo: Dude! I weigh like 15 pounds! That's not too much!

Doctor: Yes it is...

Di'angelo: Auggh! [he runs out on all fours]

(Aza starts crying.)

Inzen: sigh... we should go home now i gess...

Di'angelo: [spinning outside angrily]

(Inzen transports Aza and himself back to the castle without takeing Di'angelo with them.)

Di'angelo: [stops spinning] Hey, wait a minute... [sniffs air] They left! Without me! Auggh! Doctor: [sticking his head out the lab door] You know you can just walk over there, the castle is like 10 minutes from here...[goes back in the lab].

Di'angelo: Fine. [silently] And, they shall pay... (Back at the castle, it shows Rina making sure Aza is okay in her bed and then lnzen calls her and she leaves, leaving aza awake laying in her bed with her eyes closed.)

Di'angelo: [opens the door (he's soaking wet), it's thundering and raining behind him, all while he looks angrily into the castle] Inzen: [looking annoyed from seeing him] Oh hello, Di'angelo....

Di'angelo: Hello, Your Majesty...

Inzen: What are you doing here?

Di'angelo: [monotonely] You left me and you know the old saying... Once you feed a stray dog, he's gonna keep comin' back.

Inzen: [rolls his eyes] Yes..... well, there is no use for you here, so you might as well be on your way home... Di'angelo: [monotonedly] Oh no, I'm not going anywhere.

Inzen: Fine, you can do whatever you want as long as you dont break anything.

Di'angelo: [monotonedly] Oh... you're not gonna get rid of me that easily... you're gonna learn not to leave me hanging somewhere...

Inzen: [annoyed] I just said you could stay, gosh...

Di'angelo: [monotonedly] You made me walk in the rain... I hate the rain. I'm gonna smell like wet dog later... you're gonna pay.

Inzen: Auggh! [magically gets all the water off of him] There, you're not wet anymore! Happy?

Di'angelo: [monotonedly] I don't care. I still got wet in the first place.

Inzen: [angry] Auggh! Just leave me alone!

Di'angelo: [monotonedly] Yeah, I'll leave you alone after I'm done with you.

Inzen: [angry and yelling] You won't do a thing to me! Now get out of my sight, before l blast you out of existence!

Di'angelo: Oh no, you're not gonna do anything to me...

Aza: [yelling from her room] Hey! Shut up! Both of you!

Di'angelo: [looking sneaky] You have no idea how insane I am now...

Aza: [yelling again from her room] l said, shut up!

Inzen: You better be quiet, she needs her rest you know....

Di'angelo: Auggh! I'll get you back for this later! [he scampers out the castle]

Rina: Good riddance....

Inzen: Yeah.....

Di'angelo: [getting wet all over again] I'm gonna make him pay for that! I'm so pissed now...

Aza: [talking 2 herself] Auggh, l dont know what Di'angelo's problem is...... l feel like slapping him right now, but l can't. Sigh.....

Di'angelo: [sadly] I bet Aza hates me right now... and Rina's making it worse, for sure.

Rina: [sticking her head out the door] Hey, ya big dummy! You know you can't get back home without someone to transport you there! Di'angelo: [angry] What did you call me? That's it! [he turns around and charges at the castle at full speed] (Rina slams the door in his face, hitting him right in the nose.)

Di'angelo: [saws the door in half with a chainsaw] Here's Di'angelo!

Rina: You're such a dork, and put that down your gonna kill someone!

Di'angelo: [looking crazy] That's the point, Rina...

(Rina runs up the stairs into Aza's room screaming, "He's gone insane!", just to make Aza get mad at him.)

Di'angelo: [looking even more crazy] Anyone wanna play with me?! Hahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahaahahaha!!!!

Aza: [looking startled] What the heck!?

Rina: Your so called boyfriend has lost his mind!

Aza: Aaaaauggh! This again!? Just once, l would like a day when l don't have to deal with his childish behavior!

Di'angelo: [looking much more crazy] You're darn right I lost my mind! I'm sick and tired of you Rina! Now, it's gonna stop forever! rina: [walking backwards and holding her hands up in defence] ok dude ur realy starting 2 scare me, just try and calm down.....ok?

Di'angelo: Why should I? You almost had me killed. Now, let's see how you like it...

rina: [her back now 2 the wall] look, ive desided 2 stop messing with you death and killing wise ok? [scared face] and u realy are freaking me out......

Di'angelo: Good. I'd like to know after I'm done with you, that you were scared of me for once.

aza: [yelling] stop! stop! stop! ur starting 2 scare me now! and if u kill her im haveing u killed myself!

Di'angelo calms down.

Di'angelo: What? I'm sorry...

aza: i didnt want 2 have 2 say that but i had no other choice but i am serious about that, if u kill her or any one else im going 2 kill u myself.....

Di'angelo: Aw geez... She just made me mad over time with her always wanting us to be apart...

aza: yes and i know that but she is telling the truth. we talked it over and she deside that she's not gunna do that any more. [2 rina] am i not right?

Di'angelo: So... everything's good?

rina: yep, but i am still gunna mess with u sometimes just not as much...

Di'angelo: Well, that's a relief. [sets the chainsaw down on the floor and it saws a circle around him]

rina: [screems and grobs him by the arm and pulls him away from the chainsaw] dude! how did u not remember 2 cut that thing off!? ur gunna kill some one!!!

Di'angelo: No, I'm oblivous to a lot of things. [the circle falls through the floor] What the--- you saved me.

rina: ya like i said b4, im not gunna try and kill or ingure u any more

Di'angelo: So... we're good now? You're not going to kill me or convince anyone else to kill me? Or try to break me and Aza up? We're totally good?

rina: eh ya i gess but i am still gunna mess with u though......

Di'angelo: Okay. I can deal with that. [hugs Rina]

rina: agh! get off of me! [pushes him off of her]

Di'angelo: Why do you hate me? I never done anything to you before. You know, before now.

rina: eh i dont hate u that much anymore, i just feel unconfortable hugging me best friends boy friend is all.....

Di'angelo: Man, I hug everyone. Geez...

rina: ya but still......[rina's cell phone rings] huh? [she looks at her phone and screems] oh my gosh! oh my gosh! oh my gooooosh!

Di'angelo: What?

rina: shut up! shut up! shut up! [screems and rund out the door]

Di'angelo: Huh. And, she said I freaked her out.

aza: eh dont worry about her she does that every time he calls her.......

Di'angelo: He who?

aza: agh, this guy she has a crush on, rina hasnt had a boy friend since we were 10 so she gets all excited when ever he calls her......

Di'angelo: Aw geez... girls and their crushes... Well, at least we're together, right?

aza: ya, u know, thats probubly the reason she hates u so much....seeing us happy together probubly makes her feel all sad...sigh....

Di'angelo: So, you're telling me she doesn't hate just me, but she hates our relationship instead? That makes sense...

aza: ya but i do think u annoye her some times but she usually gets over stuff like that, so ur probubly right....

Di'angelo: [cocks head] How would I annoy her?

aza: eh i dunno, u probubly dont meen 2 do it on perpose.... [quietly and looking off 2 the side] u annoy me alot sometimes....

Di'angelo: [getting tears in his eyes] I annoy you? I thought you liked me...

aza: i do like u! and yes u do annoy me sometimes but not all the time!

Di'angelo: [crying] That's not making me feel better! [runs over to the corner of the room and balls up] Just give me a minute to myself...

aza: dont cry! i hate it when u cry! agh! [lays back down in her bed and pulls the sheets of her bed over her head]

aza: [thinking] agh! i hate my self! i hate myself! i hate myself!

Di'angelo: [walks over to Aza] Aza? Are you okay?

aza: no! im not!

Di'angelo: I'm sorry I went crazy there. Don't stay mad at me-- or yourself.

aza: [pulls the sheets off her head and sitts back up in her bed] im not mad at u, and ive hated myself since i was 5 so.....

Di'angelo: Why do you hate yourself? You're a nice, compassionate person.

aza: i dont wanna talk about ok?

Di'angelo: [lying his head on her bed] Why not? You can talk with me...

aza: i said i dont want 2 talk about it

Di'angelo: You never want to talk about anything with me.

aza: that not true! i just dont like talking about it! if i do i mite start crying or worse! and i dont want u seeing me like that.

Di'angelo: What is it about your childhood you don't like talking about? I told you all about mine and I didn't have a problem with it!

aza: agh! fine u wanna know so bad!? fine i'll tell u! but its kinda a long story so dont get bored about the hole thing and not even pay atenchon 2 it........

Di'angelo: [reading a comic book] Huh?

aza: aaaaaagh! c wat i meen!?

Di'angelo: [playing video games] See what?

aza: [thinking] man! he's like a big 7 year old! i dont know y i put up with him sometimes.....

Di'angelo: [puts his game up] Sweets, I'm just playing, calm down. Just to loosen up the tension.

aza: [roleing her eyes] if u say so.......

Di'angelo: Okay. You have my full attention.

aza: ok..... one night when i was 5 a group of assasens snuck in2 my parents bed room and killed them, they were going 2 kill me 2 but inzen came a got me and hid me away from them wile he went and killed them so they wouldnt come back and the thing is im the last of the royal blood line of maroonason so that makes me much more powerful than all of the people here combined. i didnt know this at the time but knowing now that i could've stoped them b4 the even got 2 my parents just makes me feel horrible inside....[starts 2 cry and puts her face in her hands]

Di'angelo: [a tear goes down face] Aw, man... I didn't know. Look, it's not your fault. You were a kid, and you didn't know better. Don't hate yourself for it...

aza: [crying] ya it is my falt! my parents would still b here if i would have saved them! [crys/screems]

Di'angelo: [goes over and hugs her] No, it's not... it's okay... I'm here... calm down.

aza: [in his arms trying 2 calm down] ok....[slowly stops crying and then finally stops crying] i think im ok now, thanks 4 calming down.....

Di'angelo: Man, I feel REAL bad now. I don't know how to cheer you up. [his phone rings]

Di'angelo: What the? [he answers it] Yeah?

aza: who is it?

Di'angelo starts smiling and getting happy.

Di'angelo: Aza! Moms had a another kid!

aza: [smileing] oh my gosh! realy!? thats great! is it a boy or a girl?! wats it's name!? tell me! tell me! tell me!!!!

Di'angelo: Uhh... girl and Cecilia. Hmm... that's close to my mom's name.

aza: aaaaaw! thats adorible! i cant wait 2 c her! [girlishly screems]

Di'angelo: Aww... you don't have to. They sent me a pic. See? [shows her the phone]

aza: aaaaaaw! she's so cute! [giggles/girlishly screems]

Di'angelo: I know, right? Aww... I might even like her later.

aza: well i already like her! she's the most adorible thing ive ever seen! [girlishly screems again].. unlike SOME people in my family.

Di'angelo: Well... she has my good looks. Of COURSE, she's adorable.

aza: [giggles] i gess so, she does look alot like u....

Di'angelo: Yeah... I really think the both of us will get along later. Hmm... I wish I could bring her here...

aza: well u could but i dont think that would b such a good idea b/c she was just born wat like a few hours ago? plus maroonason is a very dangerous place 4 a baby 2 b wondering around.

Di'angelo: Aw, please. This place isn't all that bad. [something crashes outside] Uhh... anyway... it's not that bad here.

aza: well i gess if she stays in here and away from the out side she could come.

Di'angelo: Yay! Wait. How do I get her here?

aza: uuuuuh well the doctor said that i cant use my powers till i get better so i gess u could use one of those self transports over there [she points 2 some girly looking neclaces] there arent any boy ones though...

Di'angelo: Eh... it's all I got.

aza: ok u just put it on and press the button on the back of it and it will take u any where u want but if take it off u'll b transported back 2 where u were 2 begin with ok?

Di'angelo: Manje, it's itchy... I'm allergic to jewelry...

aza: agh, u have 2 but up with it long anough 4 u 2 get cecilia and transpost back here. u think u can handle that?

Di'angelo: Auggh. Fine. I'll do it. I know Moms is gonna get mad for sures...

aza: y would she do that?

Di'angelo: Um, well, Moms is still kinda pissed about what happened last time. I better find some where else to go... and just walk to where they're at.

aza: hmm ok. well i gess u should b going then....

Di'angelo: Okay... I just like spending time with you. Is that such a crime?

aza: no! it isnt! aaaaagh!

Di'angelo: Fine, I'll be back in a few seconds. [he leaves and comes back within a few seconds like he said]

Di'angelo: Here she is!

aza: aaaaaw! she's even cuter in person! can i hold her? pleeeeeaaaaase!

Di'angelo: Yeah. [gives her Cecilia]

Cecilia: [coos]

aza: [looking at her] aaaaaw [giggles] she looks just like u but in baby girl form...

Di'angelo: Yeah... can you believe she's bigger than me? I mean, at this age. I was smaller than her! See? [shows her a picture of him as a newborn]

aza: [giggles] aaaw u were even more adorible as a baby, can i keep it?

Di'angelo: Yeah, I gots more. I kinda don't like to show peeps that beause they laugh at my size.

aza: yay! [takes the picture from him and sets it on her night stand]

aza: eh the people that lauph at u r just jellous of ur adoribleness

Di'angelo: Yeah, I guess so. I am the smallest in my family, so... Well, who would believe it at my height?

aza: eh ur not that small compared 2 me, ur like a foot taller than me.

Di'angelo: Not now... Well, Moms is 6.2, Dads is 6.5... they're taller and bigger than me.

aza: well ur not that much smaller than them now....atleast u grew 2 there hite almost. im still as tall as i was when i was 12......

Di'angelo: Yeah, I guess that's good. But, how would you feel if you're the oldest in a set of triplets and you're the smallest? And, then, your baby sister is even bigger than you? Makes me feel terrible...

aza: im sure u'll b bigger than her when she gets older dont worry....

Di'angelo: Yeah, now I don't have to worry about that.

  • Aza: Exactly, just keep in mind that she won't stay this size forever and there's nothing for you to be worried about.

  • Di'angelo: Yeah, you're right... aww... look at her. She makes me happy...

  • Aza: [looking at her and smiling] Yeah, me, too.......

  • Di'angelo: No one in my family ever made me THIS happy before... there's something special about her.

  • Aza: I'm glad she does. [thinking] I'm gonna buy her so presents and take her so many places! [girly scream] I can't wait! [smiling really big at the thought of it]

  • Di'angelo: Hmm... I hope your uncle doesn't pop up at any moment. I mean, she's a helpless little family member of mine.

  • Aza: Oh, don't worry about him. He loves babies, and so does Rina.

  • Di'angelo: He may love BABIES, but not ones related to me. Cecil's too young and adorable to die!!!!

  • Aza: Well, I won't let anything happen to her, I promise....

  • Di'angelo: I'm sorry... I'm very protective of my younger siblings.

  • Aza: Eh, I don't blame you. If I had a younger sibling, I would try and protect her, too......

  • Di'angelo: Yeah, I just don't want anything to happen to her... I'd never forgive myself.

  • Aza: Yeah, I probubly die knowing that I let another person die....

  • Di'angelo: You know what? I think she likes you.

  • Aza: Wow, really!? [looks at her then back at Dee]

  • Di'angelo: Yeah, Moms handed her to me, like immediately. She was crying her head off. But, she's quiet with us.

  • Aza: Hmm, that's a good sign, right?

  • Di'angelo: Yeah. I guess, she trusts us or somein'. Probably didn't like Moms or Dads.

  • Aza: But, they're her parents. Shouldn't she trust them more than anyone?

  • Di'angelo: Eh... I don't know. She probably has certain people in the family she likes, just like I do.

  • Aza: Well, that makes sense.... But wait, I'm not even related to her. How would she already like me when I'm practically a stranger to her?

  • Di'angelo: I don't know. I like you. She can like you, too.

  • Aza: Hmm... Yeah, I guess that makes sense.....

  • Di'angelo: Another thing is, it's peaceful here and the hospital was noisy... that might have something to do with it, too.

  • Aza: Yeah, it's always quiet here....

Di'angelo: And, you were worried about her not being safe here. I mean, what the worse that could happen?

(Tiffani and Chips are on the ferris wheel.)

Tiffani: Sigh.............this is the best with you here.

Chips: Yeah, I've always dreamed of the day I would spend a day at the fair with you on a ferris wheel.

Tiffani: Me too. *Hugs Chips* You're the bestest bestie and boyfriend ever. So nice to me and the greatest guy ever.

Chips: Yeah, well, you're the bestest bestie in the world and the greatest girlfriend ever. The only person who was so nice to me in my whole life.

Tiffani: I feel the same way.

Tiffani: Well, It's getting late. We should go to our homes.

Chips: Yeah... we should. Mom might get mad if I don't come home before dark.

Tiffani: Well, today was great. I had a great time.

Chips: Me, too. I hope we can spend more time like this again soon.

Tiffani: Yeah. See ya, Chippy.

Chips: See ya later, Tiff. *Kisses her on the cheek*

Tiffani: Sighs.

(Falls down.)

Chips: Hehe... I have to carry you home, I see. *He picks her up and carries her to her house.*

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