Di'angelo's Girls
Chips and Tiffani in the movie theater - Di'angelo's Girls - Di'angelo and Aza
Chips and Tiffani in the movie theater.

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Di'angelo's Girls is a episode of Di'angelo and Aza. It features Tiffani in a more mature (in a way) role, than her usual bubbly personality.


Di'angelo gets a day off from work (Domino, however, is nowhere to be seen, because he possibly didn't get one). Just as he's about to start his day of "rest and relaxation", Tiffani, knocks on his door. He lets her in [to his chagrin], and she asks him what can they do (she gives suggestions, but Di'angelo dismisses all of them). He finally sugessts playing Hide and Seek, to which she happily agrees. Tiffani runs and hides in Di'angelo's shower and Di'angelo runs down into his basement (which seems to be a kind of den for him). Tiffani feel likes he's taking too much time and she goes and looks for him.

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