Di'angelo's Alter Egos consist of Di'angelo's personality swaps or his complete egos that have taken on their own form. Some of them even got their own spin-offs and comics.

List of Current Alter EgosEdit

Named EgosEdit

  • SuperHuskey - He is one of Di'angelo's first alter egos and the first to get a spin-off. SuperHuskey was originally a character he played as, parodying Superman. He would team up with Domino (as "BatDog") and fight "crime" together. However, this origin has faded over time. Today, SuperHuskey is known as a separate persona, not even being connected to Di'angelo. He is also the only alter ego of Di'angelo to not be a stuffed animal.
  • King of Everything - Despite this alter ego appearing in only one episode, he is the most popular. King of Everything is also the only alter ego to be evil (as normally, Di'angelo is more of a hero). This alter ego was thought of one day when Rigbybestie was contemplating new ideas for episodes for Di'angelo (during the time she couldn't be online). This one is argued not to be an actual alter ego, as he is only like this with force and not on his will. He has an obsession with his Muscular Man form and for the beginning of King of Everything, he tries to strengthen his lower area with his crown (yikes). Luckily, at the end of the episode, the evil spirit that made him who he is is expelled. However, Di'angelo from time to time will wear the crown in the case of an emergency (or just for fun).
  • Daniel - Daniel, also known as "Daniel Huskey", is another one of Di'angelo's character egos. He is Di'angelo's lawyer alter ego. He first appears in Taking the Case and appears shortly in another episode. Daniel also has appeared in an episode of Di'angelo Tales in a Phoenix Wright parody. After that, he gets an internet mini-series called Daniel Takes The Case!

Unnamed EgosEdit

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List of Previous/Non-Canon Alter EgosEdit

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