Di'angela is a character in the Di'angelo series. She is Di'angelo's gender bent self.

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Di'angela is a tomboyish version of Di'angelo. She seems to be a total opposite of him in everyway, but has a few similarities to him (such as loving fish and hating steak). Unlike Di'angelo, Di'angela's much smarter, more responisible, more mature, and less hyper. She is able to handle tasks better than he can, and get much more work done than he does (despite her thinking she's lazy). She also doesn't carry over Di'angelo's OCD tendencies, preferring to be dirty ("You're looking at 10 years of dirt on me!" "...but, we're only 7..." "Exactly.") and messy, to which Di'angelo doesn't appreciate. The both of them share a few traits, like how they both love fish and hate steak, they both love Malti/ Malto, they're both nudists, they both have a common set of enemies (Sparki/Sparky, Erasi/Erasi's Gend Bend) and it's shown that they both have the same alternate futures (however, Future Di'angela isn't as cruel and dark as Future Di'angelo, as she got over her family's death much easilier than Di'angelo did (however, she did seem to treat all of the males cruelly, by having them all work in mines (and other degrading places))). Di'angelo and Di'angela seems to act like siblings, constantly arguing over the littlest things, until they finally get to know each other.


Di'angela is light gray (in contrast to Di'angelo being platinum gray), has curly hair on the side of her head (that's in the shape of the pattern on the top of her head), light blue eyes, and a long, fluffy tail named Tangelo. Tangelo at all times is supposed to have a heart shape at the top of him (most noticable in the template). Unlike Di'angelo, the one tooth that sticks out occasionally for Di'angelo, is noticable all of the time with Di'angela.  


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  • It's unknown if Di'angela can do ALL of Di'angelo's abilites, as all of them haven't been shown, but she claimed that she can do everything he can.


  • "You're looking at ten years of dirt on me!" "..but, we're only seven..." "Exactly." - Di'angelo Meets Di'angela
  • "I want only ONE thing on me to be clean: my paws." "Why would it matter to you?" "Well, would you want to put dirty paws in your mouth? I mean, I don't want to eat what I walked on!" - Di'angelo Meets Di'angela


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