Candy Day (or more commonly referred to as Candy Day 2012) is the fifth episode of Di'angelo. This is a four part, feature-length episode.

Candy Day
Candy Day Part II - Di'angelo Trying to Scare the Puppies
Di'angelo trying to scare the puppies in Storytime With Di': The Haunted House.

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Monster AttackEdit

Di'angelo wants to organize the Candy Party at his house, when his job is given to Riggles. Later on, as usual on the 31 in Utopia, the evil monsters and cryptids and creatures come out to terrorize the residents.

Storytime with Di': The Haunted House (Yeah, I know it's a cheap name, don't blame me, I had little time to write this and name it something clever.)Edit

Di'angelo goes over to the Nursery to tell the puppies a story. A SCARY story. It involves him and his friends going to a haunted house and looking for a looking for a ghost that supposedly lives there. However, it's not received well upon the puppies. So, the story a has surprise twist ending (that's not all that scary either)

Storytime with Di': Monster Party (A bit better than the last one)Edit


The Were-RaccoonEdit

Sonja has two adverse effects to being in Utopia: one becoming a raccoon and (To be expanded)



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