Drizzle in Insane Asylum - Breakout
In this episode Malti frames Drizzle, and Drizzle gets put in a straightjacket.


Drizzle is shopping at the department store when Malti starts to taunt her. Talking about how she's a purebred and is better than Drizzle. Drizzle then states that shes a purebred too. Malti then gets mad that she's wrong and kicks the shelf. Malti then gets red nail polish spilled all over her. The police come and see Malti. They think Drizzle tried to hurt her. Then Drizzle tells them it isnt what it looks like. They dont believe her and they bring Drizzle to a mental hospital. A grouchy nurse puts Drizzle in a straightjacket. Then they throw her in the asylum. She starts to cry. Riggles then finds out and calls Sandie so they can both break Drizzle out. Drizzle, now going crazy, starts to really think she is psyco. Riggles fakes a heart attack while Sandie busts Riggles out. The episode ends with Drizzle, Riggles, and Sandie running from the police.

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