Background Character List

Whole List of Background Characters with names: Rose, Beat, Cazy, Wolf, Trouper, Spot, Skunk, Precious, Weston, Surprise, Jolt, and Blitz.

The Background Characters are characters who aren't main, major, or minor, but have a small role/part in the episodes. 




Rose is a pink dog, who works as the town florist. She has a rose shaped (and colored) tail, a daisy shaped marking on her back and a flower on her ear. Like a lot of girls in town, she has a crush on Di'angelo, but Spot has a crush on her (and she doesn't realize it). 



Beat is the town's DJ. She is usually seen at major parties, doing what she does best. She rarely talks but, when she does, she has a soft, smooth voice. She is a Border Collie/Sheepdog mix. Beat's hair is green and her fur is a tan/beige color. There's also a green saddle on her back. 



Spot is one of the dogs seen in town. He is just a neighbor who spends his time outside. He usually just says "hi" to someone, then goes on about his business. He is a Dalmatian, with very few spots (similar to Drizzle). He has a crush on Rose, who is oblivious of it. 



Jolt is a yellow Samoyed, who was originally white, until he was struck by lightning. The lightning also has made him a little bit insane. He keeps his hair (or fur) messy ever since (for unknown reasons).


Skunk is a skunk colored dog. He often gets mistaked for a real skunk. He has a crush on Precious, a long-haired Maltese. 


Surprise is a mixed breed dog. His only job in the show to do is to look surprised. He was thought of on accident when Rigbybestie1510 was drawing a surprised looking dog. He's only shown in scenes of great surprise or shock. 


Precious is a long-haired Maltese. She is Skunk's love interest. However, she doesn't care for him as he does with her. 


Weston is a neighbor dog who is often seen. He has oddly familar items around town that looks like him. Weston is one of the few generic looking dogs who has a name. His name comes from a hearing error of "West End" in "West End Girls". The West End sounds like "Weston" to Rigbybestie and she decided to name him that.


Wolf is a gray wolf-like dog. He hangs around Blitz a lot.


Blitz is a peach colored dog. He hangs around Wolf a lot.


Trouper is a Basset Hound. He is used for finding things (although, he never finds them). Otherwise, he is never seen.


Cazy is a purple and beige Papillon. She is known to panic a lot at almost anything and can be as unstable as Riggles. Otherwise, Cazy is never seen much. 

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