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An Ace Against Time is an episode of Di'angelo and Aza. As the name suggests, Ace makes an appearance. However, he is 12 again and needs Di'angelo and Aza's help.


Di'angelo plans a picnic with Aza in the park. After they're done, they stroll around until Ace, Di'angelo's 138-year-old 20 times great grandfather, appears out of nowhere. However, he's not 138, but 12 again like he was in the war. Aza asks who he is and why does he look so much like Di'angelo. After Di'angelo explains who he is, Ace tells them he needs help defeating someone. Di'angelo selflessly volunteers to do it, because he looks up to Ace.

(The rest of the plot is under construction.)


  • This is probably going to be the only Di'angelo and Aza with Ace actually in it [in another episode he was just mentioned.]
  • It is unknown how Ace knows who Di'angelo is, even though it's actually himself from the 1940's.
  • In this episode, it was shown that he highly resembles Di'angelo.
  • It is unknown he got to the future.
  • It is unknown if the present day Ace will show up.
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